Abortion and Moral Status of Fetus with Abnormality


The abortion debate remains one of the most controversial and sensational topics today. Since this issue has continued to attract numerous ethical and religious perspectives, many people encounter difficulty whenever deciding to embrace or reject the practice. This paper uses the case, “Fetal Abnormality” to discuss various theories of moral status that all people should take seriously when addressing the question of abortion.

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Christian View of the Human Person and Moral Status Theory

Followers of the Christian religion assert that human persons are God’s creatures and must be respected and supported by all means. According to this faith, the moral vision of the global society is founded on the thoughts and ideas of man. People should consider or pursue this view to prevent any form of threat to human existence, including cloning, war, and abortion (Billauer, 2017). The human person is, therefore, a representation of God on earth.

Several theories of moral status offer powerful insights for supporting the idea that human beings are creatures that require special treatment. This means that the rights, liberties, experiences, and future expectations of all men should inform all ethical decision-making processes. The outstanding theory that is in accordance with the Christian view of the human person is that of deontological ethics (Wilkins, 2016). This model indicates that the nature of a given action will be permissible if it is good or bad. This means that religious teachings and commandments are acceptable guidelines for identifying issues or elements that are wrong or right. Such a theory supports the idea that human beings have moral status.

These aspects are related to intrinsic human dignity and value. This is the case since Christians have the internal urge or drive to consider specific rights and duties. An intrinsic value also empowers people to have a sense of integrity, worth, and self-respect that gives them the empowerment to do what is ethical always (Billauer, 2017). This knowledge requires that people respect themselves and others while at the same following God’s commandments on earth.

Moral Status of the Fetus: Evidence

Maria appears to consider the pro-life option in accordance with the deontological theory. This is the case because she elects a non-violent action and encourages Jessica to remain prayerful and allow God’s decision and intentions to take place. She goes further to encourage her to think of her responsibilities as a mother. For Jessica, the utilitarian theory appears to guide her because she focuses on her future independence and socioeconomic position (Wilkins, 2016). This is true since she insists that life is sacred in accordance with the teachings of Christ.

Dr. Wilson’s morality is founded on the scientism model or theory. His pro-abortion stance resonates with the power of scientific methodologies and modern medical principles. He indicates that the targeted fetus has a rare condition and the most appropriate option is to embrace abortion (Patil, Dode, & Ahirrao, 2014). Marco purses a pro-choice approach towards the question of abortion. Being the head of the house, he is willing to think deeply before breaking the bad news to his wife. He goes further to explain why he will be comfortable with the decision Jessica makes after learning about the condition of the fetus.

Application of Theory

Three theories emerge from the above section that can influence different recommendations for action. For example, deontological ethics guide Maria and Jessica to pursue pro-life options since human beings should do what is right and allow God’s will to take place. Dr. Wilson embraces the notions of scientism since it allows individuals to choose what is practical and capable of overcoming suffering in accordance with modern medical ethics. This is the reason why the physician advises Jessica to consider the abortion option (Wilkins, 2016). Marco pursues the pro-choice model or theory since he allows Jessica to make the most appropriate decision to deal with the ethical dilemma.

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Personal Opinion

Personally, I would consider the Christian view of the nature of human persons and embrace deontological ethics as the best theory that can support the moral status of the targeted fetus. This model encourages Maria to respect the unborn child and allow Jessica to give birth and enjoy the fruits of being a mother. The theory of moral status compels people to treat fetuses as human beings who have dignity and intrinsic value (Wilkins, 2016). Using such a model, I will be in a position to provide the most appropriate recommendation for action. I will encourage Jessica to support God’s creation on earth because everything comes from Him. This means that the involved individuals should avoid abortion since it results in premature death.


The above discussion has indicated that different moral status theories are capable of guiding Marco, Jessica, Dr. Wilson, and Maria to address the abortion debate. The ideologies of scientism and ethics offer diverse views whenever analyzing this divisive topic. People should, therefore, consider different models in an attempt to present powerful arguments that seek to promote and support the nature and dignity of human persons.


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