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Abraham Brown: Biography

Abraham brown was born on May 30th 1700, he is 22 years old. He lives with his parents in rural Charleston, South Carolina, where the family own huge track of fertile land. He has three siblings, two brothers and a sister. Abraham, like his siblings, has spent most of his life outside school, working at his parent’s tobacco and rice plantation.

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Although there were many public and private school in Charleston, Abraham parent decided that he will be taught at home by a private tutor. At the age of 16, he was sent to college in Britain. His two brothers attend private school. Surprising his sister, like many girls in South Carolina and the larger southern colonies, does not go school. Schools are very small in size and make use of a unique book known as hornbook. After college in Britain, Abraham rejoined his family where his father has continuously taught him how to be the best farmer. This will prepare Abraham to take over once his father retires from plantation farming.

South Carolina colony was founded in 1663 by a group of businessmen from England whose main aim was trade. Abraham family originated from England, settling in Charleston. The main motivation for his family coming to America from England was to take advantage of the new market in America and make money through trade.

Flag of South Carolina Colony
Flag of South Carolina Colony

Like many people who lives in South Carolina and the larger southern colony, Abraham’s father owns huge tobacco and rice plantation. The family relies on human and animal power since they don’t have machines for farm cultivation. South Carolina has great weather that make farming very productive. The summer is long and winter is usually short and very mild. After the harvest, Abraham family usually takes their crops to the market where they sell them to traders from other colonies. In return, the usually buy food produce that they don’t grow in their farm.

Abraham’s family tobacco plantation
Abraham’s family tobacco plantation

Abraham spends most of his time working in the farm, except on Sunday. Attending church is regarded as very important and so his family spends the whole day Sunday at church. In the evening after work, families meet at the common areas where they discuss important issues. The children have a chance to play games as their parents watch them. Most of the games played don’t require toys although children with the help of adults make toys like kites. During harvest time and wedding ceremonies, people meet at the common area for barbecues, contests and dances.

contests and dances
Contests and dances

Abraham and his families live in a cabin. Like the rest of village men, he wears leather made from sheep skin. His mother and sister wear different garment which they make during leisure time at home from cloth. Fish, rice and turkey are Abraham’s family main source of food. The women have the responsibilities of preparing meals and they are expected to teach girls how to cook and take care of home.

Soup made from peanuts
Soup made from peanuts

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