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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Belief

  1. Religion: Jain Belief and Practice in South Asia
    This paper will focus on the historical development of Jain belief and practice in South Asia. The paper will also delve into the three Jainism doctrines.
  2. Is Belief in God Rational?
    One of the main epistemological dilemmas, which continues to be faced by philosophers/theologians, is whether one’s belief in God can be considered rationally justified.
  3. Classical Christianity: Faith, Beliefs, and Practices
    Classical Christianity connects between the present and the past thus permitting continuity in faith, beliefs, and practices.
  4. Elie Wiesel’s The Night – Faith in God Literature Analysis
    In his book Night, Elie Wiesel explores a variety of themes. One of them is the attempts of a person to reconcile one’s experiences with the belief in God.
  5. ‘Good Faith’ by Jane Smiley Literature Analysis
    The book ‘Good Faith’ by Jane Smiley is a master piece that brings out ethics in real estate using fiction in a way that not only entertains, but also very educative.
  6. Elie Wiesel’s “Night” – Eliezer’s Faith in God
    The Elie Wiesel’s story “Night” reminisces Jews’ suffering during the holocaust. The book reflects what happened in Germany and its colonies during the Nazi era.
  7. Eliezer’s Struggle to Keep His Faith in God
    Elie’s journey did lead him to doubting the concept of faith and the quest ended up with the reconciliation with Elie’s own religious beliefs and his final commitment to God.
  8. The Faith in God in Night by Elie Wiesel
    Night by Elie Wiesel speaks of the way Eliezer changes and how his faith in God is tested. It will be a good idea to take a look back at the original Biblical story.
  9. “Night” by Elie Wiesel and His Faith in God
    Night is a story by Elie Wiesel in which the writer accounts for the horrible experience he had with his farther during the time of Holocaust.
  10. Lesley Dill’s Exhibition “Faith & the Devil”
    This is a review of an exhibition, Faith & the Devil by Lesley Dill. It explores the struggle between good and evil forces and shows the complexity of such an attempt in human mind.
  11. Faith Factor and Mental Health in Young People
    The necessity to appeal to the emotional state of the patient often serves as the justification for introducing the concept of faith into the process of therapy.
  12. Collaborating Community Nursing and Faith-Based Nursing
    The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate community nursing collaboration with faith-based nursing. Faith-based nursing is delivered by various religious or faith-based organizations.
  13. Healing by Faith Ethics and Organ Transplantation
    This paper examines the issue if the healing by faith over proven medical methods is ethical with regards to the eight-year-old boy in need of an organ transplant.
  14. Collaborating Community and Faith-Based Nursing
    Faith-based communities have developed the concepts of health and healing that are consistent with the principles of nursing.
  15. Patient Faith Diversity in Healthcare Practices
    Providers in healthcare practice should know the behavioral patterns of patients, especially as concerns their faith.
  16. Faith in “The Hollow Men” and “The Funeral Blues”
    The current essay is dedicated to the analysis of the theme of faith in Thomas Stearns Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” and Wystan Hugh Auden’s “The Funeral Blues.”
  17. Elie Wiesel and His Faith in God in the Book Night
    In the book Night by Elie Wiesel, Eliezer’s faith in God was something beyond question. He spent time in devotion to God. He frequently prayed to Him and at times he even cried.
  18. Mary Rowlandson’s Story as a Faith Narrative
    Rowlandson’s story is a faith narrative that celebrates God’s will and desire for everything and emphasizes the importance of belief and purity, which is rewarded by God’s favor.
  19. Theological Reasoning as a Basis for Faith
    Theological reasoning strives to pose questions and answer them in terms of sacred theology. Meaning, essences, causes, distinctions, and so on compose the core of reason.
  20. The Belief Bias and Cognitive Sciences
    This paper is concerned with the way cognitive sciences scholars, in particular, Keith Stanovich, view the belief bias and its components.

👍 Good Belief Research Topics & Essay Examples

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  1. Childhood Obesity Study and Health Belief Model
    A field experiment will be used in the research to identify the impact of a healthy lifestyle intervention on children diagnosed with obesity.
  2. Faith Healing in Bioethics, Its Pros and Cons
    Bioethics is an activity involving reflective examination and interpretation of ethical concepts that arise in health care, biotechnology, politics, law, and many other domains.
  3. The Path to Salvation: Faith, Grace and Spirit over Flesh
    The question of how one may be purified and allowed into the realm of heaven haunts many Christians. The answer becomes quite clear once one considers some of the passages from St. Paul’s writing.
  4. Muslim Faith and Healthcare Relationship
    This paper discusses the relationship between the Muslim faith and health care. Cultural backgrounds have a significant effect on a person’s attitudes toward health care.
  5. Rastafarianism Belief System, Sacredness, Rituals
    Rastafarianism is a religion that even though not as old as Christianity, it has many followers around the world.
  6. People’s Belief in God in Wiesel’s Novel “Night”
    Eliezer Wiesel, in his novel Night, succeeded in exposing the illusionary essence of people’s belief in God as an omnipotent entity that is supposed to be taking care of them.
  7. Eliezer’s Faith Struggle in “Night” by Wiesel
    Wiesel’s novel “Night” demonstrates Eliezer’s experience and struggle with faith as an example of how the majority of the Jews felt during the holocaust.
  8. Religious Website “Faith Communities Today”
    This paper will give a summary on a religious website on Faith Communities Today, which provides essential information on a variety of issues in regard to congregational life in the USA.
  9. Evidentialism as a Problematic Aspect of Faith
    The issue of the dogmatic nature of religion is a common point. While some people are willing to accept religious principles unwaveringly, others seek to question these postulates.
  10. “The Ethics of Belief” by William Clifford
    In the essay “Ethics of Belief”, William Clifford argues that no one, choosing what to believe, can be free from the opinions of others.
  11. A Statement and Defense of Faith in Literature
    Everyone has faith – from the irrational religious zealot to the fervent philosopher and the meticulous scientist.
  12. Religious Faith During the Era of Francois Voltaire
    Voltaire was born in the final years of the seventeenth century and died a decade before the beginning of the French Revolution.
  13. The Problem of Faith in Parables by Kafka and Nietzsche
    The essay reveals the main themes of allegorical readings – Law and God, discusses that that the characters are tested by the problem of faith.
  14. Book Divided by Faith by Michael Emerson Review
    The writers of the book have been able to expound on the relationship between the White evangelicalism and Black evangelicalism.
  15. James Fowler’s Six Stages of Faith
    James Fowler investigates and tries to explain the common characteristics of the adolescent period when a person goes through a crisis as they advance from one stage of development to the other.
  16. Religion as a Belief System: What Is It?
    A belief system, as is generally understood, contains high values, moral ideas, and thoughts that provide a moral lesson.
  17. Socrates’ Belief About the Pursuit of Truths
    From Plato’s dialogues, we have known Socrates to be a person who contributed greatly to the field of ethics and the Socratic critical method of inquiry for seeking the truth.
  18. A Belief System From Personal Point of View
    This paper discusses how one’s beliefs make up a religious belief system, how one acquires it, the benefits and disadvantages of having a particular religious belief system.
  19. A Belief in Helping Strangers
    One of the benefits of being helpful to people is the fact that all manner of kindness has the tendency to spread, and good deeds rarely go unrewarded.
  20. Is Belief in God Rational: Discussion
    This paper seeks to examine not the existence of God or negation, but whether man’s belief in god is rational and based on sound logic and deductive reasoning.

📌 Easy Belief Essay Topics

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  1. Faith and Reason: Critical Analysis of Faith
    Faith is something in the heart or soul of people, whereas religion is a set of rules created by a church to do what the church people do.
  2. “Twentieth Century Crisis of Belief” by Marheine
    This work briefly describes the article “Twentieth-Century Crisis of Belief”, draws attention to the main issues raised in it, and appeals to the problems of today.
  3. Political History. Crisis of Belief in Different Works
    This essay attempts to clarify and assess the diverging views by different authors on how a crisis of belief elicits mixed reactions.
  4. Faith, Doubt, and Religious Vision in the ‘Uphill’ Poem
    According to Christina Rossetti’s poem titled “uphill”, it is evident that she doubts if one time the faithfulness will have everlasting rest.
  5. “Night” by Elie Wiesel: Struggle to Keep Faith in God
    Sort of a “shipwreck of faith”, this is what has happened to the author of “Night” book, laureate of the Nobel Prize, Elie Wiesel.
  6. Teaching the Faith Forming the Faithful
    The book under analysis called Teaching the Faith, Forming the Faithful is dedicated to discussing the current environment in terms of people’s affiliation to church.
  7. Faith Integration in the “I Am Legend” Film
    In “I Am Legend” the media clip is expressive, and, at the same time, it makes me think about some aspects of the medical personnel work.
  8. Baha’i Faith as a Global Religion
    The article is devoted to Baha’i Faith: the history of origin, essence, basic values, and uniqueness of this religion are discussed.
  9. Philosophy About the Soul and Fundamental Belief
    Axiology concerns the origin of values, their place in everyday life, the relationship of various matters with each other, social and cultural factors, and personality structure.
  10. Religion and Belief: Comprehensive Review
    The study of these phenomena is crucial for understanding the peculiarities of the society, its background, current context, and further tendencies of development.
  11. Religious Prejudice in “Defender of the Faith” by Roth
    The article is an analysis of the issues raised by Philip Roth in his novel Defender of the Faith: Anti-Semitism and Religious Prejudice.
  12. The Influence of Faith and Reason on a Person
    Faith and reason are the most important determinants of both human character and the choices they make in regard to daily living.
  13. Bad Faith Law Suit: Activities of a Claim Representative
    In case of a lawsuit of bad faith against an insured, a claim representative would be expected to perform some specific activities to make the lawsuit successful.
  14. The Social Aspects Affecting Faith Ringgold’s Art
    Faith Ringgold is one of the most well-known representatives of the modern African American creative community.
  15. Implications of Faith and Leadership in a Real-Life Experience
    Nurses focus on the physiological, psychosocial, as well as spiritual aspects of persons during times of illness and in good health.
  16. Terror and Religious Belief System
    Contemporary fourth wave terrorists justify their use of violence through the theological and moral teachings taken from their chosen religious belief system.
  17. The Psychology of Faith in False Sources
    This report refutes the plausibility of false medical claims throughout the pandemic by critically analyzing its components.
  18. Belief Systems in Projecting the Future
    The article argues in the context of communication, belief systems can have a critical influence on critical steps of encoding and decoding.
  19. Overview of Abolitionism: Afire with Faith
    Although abolitionist societies were scattered across the North, they were not “tiny”, and still had great importance in terms of advocating for an immediate end to slavery
  20. Manifestations of Faith in 16th-Century Writers’ Famous Works
    The works by John Donne, William Shakespeare, and Christopher Marlowe were examined in this essay and compared based on writers’ attitudes towards the topic of faith.

🎓 Most Interesting Belief Research Titles

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  1. Christian Doctrines Are Not Crucial for Faith and Belief
  2. The Belief and Attitude Toward New Technology
  3. Time, History, and Belief in Aztec and Colonial Mexico
  4. The True Belief Theory of Knowledge
  5. The Role and Significance of the Belief in Karma and Samsara in the Hindu Religion
  6. Religion and Belief Systems in Australia
  7. Does Science Make Belief in God Obsolete
  8. Truth, Belief and the Holy Bible
  9. Confucius and Laozi Have Differing Belief in Reaching the Way
  10. Gandhi’s Actions Were Based on the Belief of the Truth Force
  11. Belief Systems: Self Uniqueness Meets Religion
  12. Belief: Things Fall Apart and Chinua Achebe
  13. Comparing the Christian and the Buddhist Belief Structure
  14. Humanism and Christian Belief: Change in the 15th Century
  15. Christian Religious Belief and the Grieving Process in Teenagers
  16. Belief and Doubt and Modern Mind Religion
  17. Difference Between Belief and Truth
  18. Plato Has Justified True Belief and the Gettier Problem Argumentative Essays Example
  19. Oedipus the King: Examples of Sophocles’ Belief and Fate
  20. Health and Society: The Health Belief Model
  21. Why the Distinction Between Knowledge and Belief Might Matter

💡 Simple Belief Essay Ideas

  1. Gattaca Supports the Belief That Human Flaws Are Preferable to a Genetically Engineered Existence
  2. Belief Systems Analysis: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
  3. Chinese Belief Systems, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism
  4. Christian Faith and the Belief in the Divine
  5. Roman Catholic Church’s Belief on in Vitro Fertilisation
  6. Belief and Higher-Order Belief in the Centipede Games: An Experimental Investigation
  7. The Health Belief Model Is an Individual
  8. Christian Belief About Suffering, Death, and Resurrection
  9. Health Belief System Theory and Community Assessment
  10. Blind Faith and False Belief: An Examination of the Development of The
  11. Belief Systems and the Spiritual Side of Their Cultures
  12. Belief and Knowledge According to Plato
  13. The Ancient Egyptian and Roman Religious and Belief Systems Within Their Cultures
  14. Catholic Belief About the Eucharist
  15. Common Belief, Contested Meanings: Development and Faith-Based Organisational Culture
  16. John Locke’s Belief That People Are Born With Rights
  17. Belief Systems Characteristics: Islam and Hinduism
  18. Can Children Understand False Belief Before the Age of Four?
  19. Conservative Belief and Rationality
  20. Difference Between Belief and Knowledge
  21. Biblical Foundation Martyrs Belief in God Theology Religion

❓ Belief Systems Research Questions

  1. Are Chinese Belief Systems Considered Religion or Philosophy?
  2. What Is the Difference Between the Belief System of Islam and Christianity?
  3. How Can Belief Systems Be Shattered Through the Inspiring Story of Esperanza?
  4. Does the Media Support a Belief in God?
  5. What Are the Ancient Beliefs in Astronomy?
  6. Are There Belief Contradictions Between Transcendentalists and Dissenters?
  7. How Do Belief Systems Affect Politics?
  8. Why Is It Important to Respect Others Beliefs?
  9. Is There a Relationship Between Faith and Belief?
  10. Do Buddhism and Hinduism Share a Belief That Life Suffering Is Caused by Desire?
  11. How Does Cultural Adaptation Influence Professional Belief?
  12. What Is the Belief of Many Ancient Astronomers During the Golden Age of the Astronomy?
  13. How Did the Belief in Vitalism End?
  14. Why Can There Never Be Any Justification for a Belief?
  15. What Is the Relationship Between Individual Belief and Performance in Parapsychological Phenomena?
  16. How Could Existentialism Affect One’s Belief in God?
  17. Does Religious Belief Connect Humans With Nature?
  18. What Are the Issues of Belief System?
  19. How Successful Have Psychological Approaches Been in Accounting for Religious Belief and Experience?
  20. Does Superstitious Belief Influence People’s Perspective?
  21. How Have the Belief Systems of the Modern World Helped Determine the Policies and Politics of Today?
  22. What Does the Evidence Reveal About Belief in the Afterlife in the New Kingdom of Egypt?
  23. How Do Values Belief Systems and Experience Affect Working Practice?
  24. When Does Your Belief Become the Truth?
  25. How Would Religious People Explain Why Their Belief in Life After Death Is Important?
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