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Accounting Ethics. Ima Standards and Support.

Stakeholder’s position

United Thermostatic Controls is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of residential and commercial thermostats. Appliance efficiency averages establish lower power levels for appliances and may forbid the sale of less effective models. More severe appliance efficiency standards would make power efficiency developments less costly by implement new technologies into general appliance replicas. This has now been regarded up by Frank Cambell, and a alliance of other interested companies, trade corporations and industry groups which is asking for changes to planning legislation so that thermostatic mixing control devices are fitted as standard for baths in all new constructions.

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Solution to the case

The only solution here is to check all the data properly, and verify the obtained numerals, comparing them to the real facts. Thus, if the trouble is not solved, it will be necessary to arrange special investigative group or committee, that will settle the trouble by investigating the roots of the trouble. Actions by Lorenzo should be analyzed. Shipping company documentation is required to be revised in order to find out the inconsistencies in the payment schemes, or the violations in accounting documentation, which could lead to the mistakes in the final reports.

IMA standards and Support

First of all it should be stated, that Members of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) have an compulsion to the public, their occupation, the organizations they serve, and themselves, to keep the highest standards of ethical conduct. In gratitude of this obligation, the IMA has broadcasted the following regulars of ethical conduct for its participants. Members shall not entrust acts contrary to these standards nor shall they overlook the charge of such acts by others within their companies.

Members shall stand for by the more severe code of ethical behavior, whether that is the averages widely performed in their state or IMA’s Standards of Ethical Conduct. In no case will the UTC conduct itself or himself by any standard that is not at least corresponding to the standards classified for members in IMA’s Standards of Ethical Conduct.

All keys to be sectioned will be cut or tear into around equal parts with one part sent for analysis and the remaining one labeled and kept in central cases for future orientation. Core cutting will be administered by the geologist logging core who will guarantee that the succession of blanks, replicates and standards is chased. Cut core will located into clean, new translucent plastic sample bags into which two pre-printed example tickets will be positioned. The lab will use one of these labels for the pulp bag and one for the refuse bag. A third example ticket will be fastened in the central tray along with one represented by the sample.

Illegal acts or other bad behaviors can reason damage to a company through monetary thrashings, undesired media concentration, environmental damage, or customer reaction. In fulfilling their accountabilities to their companies and community.


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