Adobe Connect GoToMeeting in Distance Learning

Executive Summary

This summary gives the reader a highlight of what has been done in this research project. The study has focused on the impacts of implementing Adobe Connect Gotomeeting in distance learning as a collaboration tool and its impact on instructions and learning.

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Availability of adequate finances ensures acquisition, installation and maintenance of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting is possible. Acquisition of right products saves cost. That is implementing the right technology save the company’s resource. This gives organization opportunities to channel these resources for other purposes. In communication Adobe Connect Gotomeeting ensures that speed of communication is enhanced such that interaction happens in a click of a button and ensures that the each party is able to clearly receive and understand the message being conveyed (Vaughan, 2007).

In line with timeliness, Adobe Connect Gotomeeting will ensure that information is received within the fastest means that no delays or faults occur when communication is in progress (Vaughan, 2007). This is achieved by proper planning before the implementation of technology in the organization and communicating so that the implementation process is smooth and embraced throughout the organization. When a project such as Adobe Connect Gotomeeting is properly designed, the quality of services delivered by the technology will be of high standards and hence attainment of the set objectives.

Convenience is another important variable that needs to be highly addressed during the implementation of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting. The technology needs to perform its functions whenever needed immediately. It should therefore perform the tasks intended at the right time.

The implementation of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting in distance learning as a collaborative tool and its impact on instructions and learning

In the modern days, technology has grown at an alarming rate. Because of this growth it is important for all sectors to acknowledge the revolution of technology. Because of such developments, the formal sector should embrace modern technology to facilitate learning in all schools (Wiessner, Hatcher, Chapman, and Storberg-Walker, 2008).

The use of technology in schools can be very useful in the distance learning, “which is a field of education that focuses on teaching methods and technology with the aim of delivering teaching to students who are not physically present in a traditional educational setting such as a classroom” (Vaughan, 2007). In this field, technology has been made possible by use of synchronous learning and asynchronous learning technologies such as video and web conferencing using Adobe Connect Gotomeeting (Vaughan, 2007).

Curriculum video conferencing involves accessing those who are away from the classroom (Carville and Mitchell, 2001) and engaging them in collaborative learning activities with remote classrooms (VanMerrienboer, 1997; and Woo and Reeves, 2007). With this technology, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of students worldwide because of the ease brought about by this technology. This form of technology has indeed taken education standards to a new level.

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Problem statement

Despite changes that have occurred in the distance learning technology, most learning institutions are reluctant to embrace the virtue of distance learning because it has its own impacts on the effectiveness and efficiency of information delivery to the recipients (Carville and Mitchell, 2001). As a result, this study seeks to find the outcomes of implementing Adobe Connect Gotomeeting in distance learning. It will also look at how this technology can affect instructions and learning as well.

Rationale of the study

Web conferencing makes it possible for swift communication between students and their lecturers where both parties can have direct interaction via the internet (Wiessner, Hatcher, Chapman, and Storberg-Walker, 2008). This spreads to organizations where training and virtual conferences can be held where people discuss issues with people in different regions. This study will therefore enable institutions and organizations to embrace web based tool, Adobe Connect Gotomeeting, for their day to day operations to save time and costs incurred and at the same time will help create an interactive environment being a key ingredient in web conferencing, thus increasing efficiency in the operation of entities (Carville and Mitchell, 2001).

The use of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting has a wide coverage, thus it is effective as a way of providing educational access to students in remote and rural locations (Carville and Mitchell, 2001). Web technologies (Adobe Connect Gotomeeting) support efficient coordination and cooperation of people, groups, institutions and organisation who have an intention of performing a task/tasks together, sharing or solving problem together (Vaughan, 2007).

Statement of the Research Objectives

Online studies were at time in criticism of the fact that there was a lack of a human environment where the receiver and initiators of a message interacted with each other directly. Sometimes a failure in connectivity between the involved parties was detected due to the complexity of the technology. Because of such challenges, this type of interaction was not embraced as expected (Vaughan, 2007).Students in most institutions claimed that lecturers were not available when they were needed creating a difficult learning environment.

The introduction of web conferencing entities has had a smooth running since the aspect of one-on-one conversation and interaction are no longer an issue today (Woo and Reeves, 2007). This study is aimed at identifying the importance of implementing Adobe Connect Gotomeeting in distance learning as a collaboration tool and its impact on instruction and learning. Thus Adobe Connect Gotomeeting incorporate the traditional setting where individuals would directly interact, share ideas, discuss issues on a single setting like a classroom. This would be done through the creation of an actual classroom or conference via the internet.


Entities that adopt the use of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting will be able to receive and send information, ideas and other raw facts available on-line in real time and be able to interact with the other party swiftly (Vaughan, 2007). These will save the entity and additional costs that would be spent if there were to be actual meeting conducted between the parties involved. This therefore enhances efficient ways of delivering instructions and learning.

Literature Review

Technology has revolutionized the way we learn. It has also affected the students-teachers relationship. In the traditional classroom setting, instructions evolve around the professor and students are more active (Vaughan, 2007). In addition, traditional classroom environment provides learners with opportunities to join forces and work as a team. They engage with lecturers hence providing an exceptional opportunity for students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through active learning.

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Technologies such as the Internet, computers, tablets, and smart phones have had a compelling effect on higher education, educational instructions and learning (Salkind, 2009). Today’s students have become more independent and professors have become an intermediary between the student and the information. The Internet has allowed students to take control of their own learning through the Internet and distance learning. However, Instructional model is an essential part of learning as well as student active engagement.

Salkind (2009) points out that instructional programs typically specify learning objectives and perhaps even engage the learner in a project assuming that the learner will understand and buy into the relevance and value of the problem (1998, p. 135). Engagement is one aspect of learning shown to increase motivation to learn, thereby increasing the potential for effective learning. Therefore, one way to evaluate virtual environments is to assess the effectiveness of specific tools in terms of their ability to engage learners (Wiessner, Hatcher, Chapman, and Storberg-Walker, 2008).

Extensive body of literature concurs on several conditions that are characterized through learning, student engagement, feedback, collaboration, critical thinking, real-world applicability and demonstration (Wiessner, Hatcher, Chapman, and Storberg-Walker, 2008; VanMerrienboer, 1997; and Woo and Reeves, 2007).

As observed, the use of multiple Web conferencing tools such as Adobe Connect Gotomeeting facilitated interactivity and allowed students professor interaction. The purpose of this study is to explore the impact of integrating Adobe Connect Gotomeeting to distance learning courses and the impact of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting on instructions and students learning. The instructional applications of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting can enhance the student professor interaction being a crucial part of education, critical thinking and learning. Furthermore, it will evaluate the effectiveness of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting ability to facilitate engaged learning.

Three questions guided this study

What is the effectiveness of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting in terms of engaging learners? What is the impact a web conference has in relation to course instruction quality and students behavior towards the utilizations of this tool? What is the impact that web conference has in relation to course instruction quality and professors behavior towards the utilizations of this tool?

Method/Research Procedure/Methodology

The method for data collection will be flexible qualitative case study where the researcher will focus on a single organization that has implemented Adobe Connect Gotomeeting and study the organization extensively. Salkind (2009) states “a case study approach is particularly appropriate for individual researchers because it gives an opportunity for one aspect of a problem to be studied in some depth within a limited time scale.” The participants of the study will be the entire organization’s employees with a population of around two hundred workers who benefit from the adoption of the technology. All employees who will be interviewed are those with a minimum of one-year experience in the organization of study.

Only fully answered questionnaires will be evaluated in the final stage. Partially completed questionnaires will be discarded. In each department in the organization of study, twenty employees will be picked randomly as long as they have met other relevant conditions (Carville and Mitchell, 2001).

Research design

Qualitative research is a process that involves categorizing data systematically and by doing so determining the relationship between the categories (McMillan and Schumacher, 1993). Qualitative research design allows the researcher to conduct an in depth study on the area of study. Primary data is to be collected using structured and semi-structured questions through self-administered questionnaires. Structured questions are to be used to enable the researcher to get responses in an orderly manner for easier analysis and interpretation.

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Semi-structured questions have been used to gather any other relevant information not covered in the structured question. The researcher will use logical analysis to interpret the data obtained from the respondents. This will be done using flow charts, diagram, graphs, and pie charts to pictorially represent data in order to convey meaning. Also the researcher will use content analysis where they will tend to study the questionnaires to determine the theme that emerges from these responses and how they relate.

Instrumentation and Data Collection Plans

The source of my research work will be from the organization of study where self administered questionnaires and mailed questionnaires will be used to collect data. During this period, a researcher will observe respondent behavior and altitude during the response period and at other times engage in small discussions with others. These observations will help the researcher when evaluating the questionnaire to make competent decisions.

To ensure a successful research, the researcher will organize all the necessary instruments required in the data collection; obtain permissions from the relevant authority in the organization, visit the organization of study, administer questionnaires, collect back the responds, analyze the data, present the data and finally summarize and recommend (Carville and Mitchell, 2001). For mailed questionnaires, the researcher will consider only those mails that have been replied at the time of completion of self-administered questionnaires.

Proposed Analysis of the Data

From the view of the research topic, a high percent of the respondents are going to agree that the implementation of Adobe Connect Gotomeeeting in distance learning as a collaborative tool has brought about positive impacts on instruction and learning. Other expectations are that there will be respondents with negative attitudes toward the same topic although the percentage is expected to be less than 30%. On the other hand, a percentage greater than 70% is expected since most of entities around the world have embraced this new technology and are using it (Wiessner, Hatcher, Chapman, and Storberg-Walker, 2008).

The researcher is going to categorize respondents according to their age, years of experience, gender, and level of management. It will also categorize how many individuals were for it and against it. After categorizing, the following variables will be of key concern:

Independent variable

Implementation of Adobe Connect in distance learning

Dependent variables

They include efficient communication, quality delivery of service, cost, timelines, convenience, finances, and proper planning.

In making decisions the researcher (from the findings) will seek to determine whether the adoption of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting is effective and whether it is in line with the entire organizational objectives, mission, vision and capability to maintain the technology. The variables of study will be measured on the extent of response population of study. It is from the responses that the researcher will determine the weight of each variable.

Implications and Limitations


The researcher assumes that there will be 90% response. The researcher assumes that the sample is aware of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting and has used it. In addition, the researcher assumes that timeframe for the study will be adequate i.e. total time for data collection and presentation. The organization of study has adequate staff to meet the target number of respondents. The researcher assumes the responses will convey the truth (no biasness).


  • Accessibility: Since only well-established organizations use this technology, the researcher accessibility to particular areas may be limited.
  • Cost: Since there are many resources that the researcher needs to use there is going to be financial constraints on the side of the researcher.
  • Partial response: Incase few responses are received then it is likely that the evaluation of data as well as the final report will be affected.

Time Schedule/Time Line

The research is deemed to take a period of five months until it’s all completed to the final stage. The proposal is to take the first two months of the study and the rest; three months will be for the research, analysis and presentation of data. The timeframe awarded to the research will be enough for researcher to come up with a presentable piece of work. Below is a table that shows activities to be conducted each month.

Appendix I: Timetable

Appendix I: Timetable.

To effectively carryout the research, the researcher will need the following items: Computer-typesetting and data entry, printer-for all printing purposes, printing paper, flash disks, stationeries-pens, calculator, and handsets-communication purposes.

In terms of personnel, the researcher will need five more individuals who will help in data entry and collection (Carville and Mitchell, 2001). Two individuals will perform duties of entering all the data collected from the field whereas the rest including the researcher will be on field collecting data, which is submitted on a daily basis. Those involved in data entry will also perform duties of preparing daily progress report from the information provided.


In general, entities should integrate use of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting in their daily activities to ensure efficiency. Learning institutions should embrace this new technology since it is cost effective and students get to interact one-on-one with their lectures. Thus students will receive quality materials they desire and hence improvement in their output as well as technological skills. In the end, this will reflect in the quality of students produced by an institution.

Similarly, business entities and other organizations tend to minimize costs that would have been incurred if humans were to be moved to attend meetings overseas. Adobe Connect Gotomeeting has made it convenient for entities to send and receive information directly where each party (a manager for instance) does not have to be present in staff meeting (Wiessner, Hatcher, Chapman, and Storberg-Walker, 2008). In case he is overseas, such a manager can hold the meeting at the time it’s scheduled from his computer wherever he is. He can also give instructions and demonstrate whatever he wants done via web b y using Adobe Connect Gotomeeting.


The researcher would like to recommend to all entities to embrace the use of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting in their online communication since it delivers value to the target customers’ thus boosting overall perception of the organization. This technology saves the organization lots of resources at the same time delivering value. The organization will accomplish all their communication at the shortest time saving a lot of time and money.

Therefore, in order to accomplish the targets by use of these technology the researcher urges entities to properly plan for the implementation of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting in distance learning as a collaboration tool so that they can enjoy the positive impacts of the technology otherwise results will be adverse if not properly planned. After planning, adequate financial resources should be channeled to the process of implementing. It’s by doing so that the fruits of a carefully thought of and implemented project are going to be enjoyed.

Thus, entities should put consideration into the discussed variables, which would make the implementation of such a beneficial technology in organization difficult.

Appendix II: Budget

Traveling 200
Library/Internet 40
Breakfast/lunch/supper 270
Computer services, printing and binding 10
Stationery 10
Miscellaneous 100

Appendix III: Questionnaire for Staff Members

Background Information

  • Gender:
    • Male
    • Female
  • Working experience
    • 2 years
    • 3 – 5 years
    • 6 years and above
  • Position held in the organization
    • Managerial
    • Supervisor
    • Employee
  • Efficient Communication is essential in the implementation of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting.
    • strongly agree
    • agree
    • disagree
    • strongly disagree
    • Comment………………………………………………………………………
  • Timely communication is core factor during implementation of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting.
    • strongly agree
    • agree
    • disagree
    • strongly disagree
    • Comment……………………………………………………………………
  • Cost of acquisition, implementing and maintaining Adobe Connect Gotomeeting technology is a major factor to be considered.
    • strongly agree
    • agree
    • disagree
    • strongly disagree
    • Comment……………………………………………………………………
  • Quality of service delivered from adoption of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting technology is a major consideration when implementing the technology.
    •  strongly agree
    •  agree
    • disagree
    • strongly disagree
    • Comment………………………………………………………………………………
  • Convenience should be attained when implementing Adobe Connect Gotomeeting technology in the organization
    • strongly agree
    • agree
    • disagree
    • strongly disagree
    • Comment……………………………………………………………………………………
  • Timeliness in connection between users of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting technology is essential factor during its implementation
    • strongly agree
    • agree
    • disagree
    • strongly disagree
    • Comment…………………………………………………………………………………
  • Financial constraints are major factors that determine the implementation of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting technology
    • strongly agree
    • agree
    • disagree
    • strongly disagree
    • Comment……………………………………………………………………………………
  • Proper planning determines the success of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting implementation process in distance learning.
    • strongly agree
    • agree
    • disagree
    • strongly disagree
    • Comment………………………………………………………………………………………
  • What are the general measures that can be adopted to improve the implementation of Adobe Connect Gotomeeting technology in your organization?
    • ____________________________________________

Reference List

Carville, S., & Mitchell, D.R. (2001). It’s a Bit like Star Trek: the effectiveness of video conferencing. Innovations in Education and Training International, 37(1), 42–49.

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Woo, Y., & Reeves, T. (2007). Meaningful interaction in web-based learning: A social constructivist interpretation. The Internet and Higher Education, 10(1), 15–25.

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