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Affirmative Action and Its Role in the Country

In society, there exist different social groups which are characterized by many features including race, gender, and economic status, among others. These different social groupings are characterized by the existence of an imbalance in opportunity available to them; this status quo necessitated the creation of special programs for the disadvantaged groups.

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Affirmative Action consists of a set of antidiscrimination measures put in place which are intended to ensure access to some positions by society members who would otherwise by under-represented or entirely excluded. While affirmative action is applauded by some, others view it as unnecessary. In this paper, I am going to discuss my belief that affirmative action is necessary for our country.

Affirmative Action in America is mostly based on race. It, therefore, consists of categorizing of individuals according to races such as Caucasian, African American or Latino. This categorization assumes that people need affirmative action as a result of their races.

This is not always the case, and in some cases, people who are presumed to need affirmative action (for example, Black Americans) do not need the same. In my opinion, affirmative action fails to make a big impact since it assumes that minority race members need preferential treatment. Instead of affirmative action, more equitable programs should be endorsed which use only class categories such as low-income for preferential treatment

The United States prides itself in the value of self-reliance and rewards are awarded as a factor of competence and ability. Affirmative action negates this important principle that America holds since it results in people being given positions or rewards not out of their abilities or proficiency but rather as a result of them belonging to a particular minority group. This is a blow to the very foundation of equal opportunity for all that America is built on.

Another reason why I do not support affirmative action is that it results in a certain mentality being adopted by the group being given preferential treatment. For example, young minorities who are joining the workforce expect preferential treatment such as promotions and consideration for employment because of the affirmative action plans.

Women in institutes that offer affirmative actions on the basis of gender also expect promotions even when they do not merit them due to affirmative action. Not only is this an unconstructive mentality but it is also grossly unfair to the majority of other people not favored by the affirmative action who are out for the same opportunities.

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However, Affirmative action has played some positive roles in the country. It has acted as a platform for compensation for past discrimination, oppression or injustices perpetrated against some societal group.

This system has there empowered minority communities and other vulnerable groups in the US by leveling the fields hence enabling them to compete favorably with more advantaged groups in the society. By this, affirmative action was is especially significant since individual litigation carried out in reaction to perceived discriminatory acts was unable to tackle the issue of inequality and disadvantaged faced by the minority.

In this paper, I have highlighted my belief that affirmative action is not necessary in our society. To articulate this, I have discussed various injustices and wrongs that may arise from affirmative action. While I do concur that affirmative action has played a significant role in America, I believe that the program has run its cause and as such, outlived its importance. For this reason, more applicable programs should be implemented to ensure continued prosperity for all of America.

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