Affirmative Action by Albert Mosley

Is affirmative action in employment an appropriate way to make restitution for a history of discrimination against minorities and women?

Mosely (2015) truly believes that it is a kind of moral obligation for governments to provide minorities and women with restitution and use affirmative action in employment as one of the possible methods. Identification and understanding of mistakes and doing everything possible to achieve justice, this is what makes people humane. Employment is an important sphere of life, and there should be no place for racial injustice. The history of discrimination against minorities and women proves that several people have already suffered because of the existing prejudice, and it is time to ask for forgiveness. Affirmative action makes it possible for blacks and women as a group to be ensured with their future and the abilities to work using their knowledge and abilities.

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Is it ever fair for an employer to hire a less qualified minority or woman applicant rather than a more qualified white male applicant?

Nowadays, the question of racial discrimination at work is not as burning as it was several years ago. Still, it seems to be unfair for an employer to hire a person just because of his/her race or gender. Work is the place where personal abilities, skills, knowledge, and practice should matter. There are the standards that have to be met by every person to be hired and be ready to complete the list of duties expected to provide society with good services. It should never matter whether a worker is white or black; only the abilities should be a factor that defines the appropriateness for work.

Should restitution for past discrimination be directed more to groups treated unjustly than to individuals treated unjustly?

Restitution for past discrimination is an important concept in the life of each person. Still, it seems wrong to address one person only within affirmative action. Mosley’s position (2015) is quite right that it may happen that a person, who gets a job as a result of affirmative action, was not a victim of discrimination in the past. This is why it is necessary to direct affirmative action to groups rather than to individuals to avoid the possible problems based on racial prejudices in the future.

If affirmative action is undertaken, what criterion should be used to determine how much affirmative action is sufficient?

It is very important to find an appropriate criterion and take specific steps to prove the sufficiency of affirmative action. In another case, some people may find it inappropriate or even unnecessary because a kind of discrimination still takes place. This is why when affirmative action is undertaken in employment, the following issues should be considered: the level of knowledge, experience, personal skills and expectations, and the ability to prove the importance of the chosen job.

Race should not be the only factor according to which a decision to hire or not is made. People should believe that they have a chance to prove their worthiness in the chosen sphere of life and try to do their best neglecting any possible prejudices.

Does affirmative action perpetuate the myth of black inferiority?

In his work, Mosley (2015) does everything possible to reject the fact that affirmative action perpetuates the myth of black inferiority. It is wrong to believe that blacks are not able to do something or do something wrong or poor all the time. The existence of affirmative action is proof that minorities and women were not supported by society and provided with a chance to pass through the tests and prove their rights to be hired. This is why affirmative action does not perpetuate the myth of black inabilities but underlines the fact that society can determine its mistakes and do anything possible to correct the mistakes of the past in present and promote a safer and better future.


Mosley, A.G. (2015). Affirmative action: Pro. In O. Roca & M. Schuh (Eds.), An examined life: Critical thinking and ethics (403-415). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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