Affirmative Action in University Admissions

Affirmative action is the application of knowledge and capability to measure the applicant’s prerequisites, carry out interviews, and make objective hiring resolutions. Achieving good hiring procedures is essential in making people employ the best applicants and prevent discrimination of any kind, according to Kennedy’s order of 1961. It is, therefore, beneficial to the minorities as they will not be discriminated against. In America today, there are around 40,000 lawyers, most of them have benefited from affirmative action, according to statistics by Sander. The practice of the 1970s, where there were almost 4000 Lawyers in America and all of them being whites, is a thing of the past. Access to education is fair as it depends on a student’s performance and not the status one holds in the society, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Affirmative action is directly related to the minority world over. The minorities are a group that is in dire need of affirmative action. According to statistics of Asian America, higher learning institutions often discriminate against Asian Americans from reaping the benefits of affirmative action. This is evidence that shows how affirmative action may not be working well for the minority. This is because it has not been implemented fully. Racial divisions are largely observed in Universities. Such a minority group in society needs affirmative action to enable them to access the opportunities that they have lost because of their race color and origin.

In most cases, affirmative action affects the minority instead of aiding them to achieve their desired goals. It is evident that the controversial changes in society are not met despite the availability of affirmative action. According to the New York Times, 2/3 of the native blacks in America still do not access education. According to Chea, in California law schools, more elites attend schools than their counterparts even when their grades alone cannot give them an opening. Therefore, the minority does not reap any benefit from the affirmative action.

The minorities are satisfied with the affirmative action as its formulation is for their benefit. It is established under various acts that are aimed at meeting the demands of the minority in the society, while ensuring that acts of fairness prevail in the society. The minorities believe that implementation of all aspects of the affirmative action will be of great help to them.

The public is in full support of the affirmative action. The support given to the affirmative action is due to the need to conquer discriminations of the past and raise the levels of diversity of students in colleges all over the world. However, the questions regarding the affirmative action vary from individual to individual because of the existing diversities, according to the opinion polls in America in 2003. Pew research indicates that 70% of the total United States population are in support of the affirmative action. They claim that a decline of the affirmative action will lead to 21.5% decline in admissions of African-American, while that of Hispanics will decrease by half.

Diversity has various benefits to both the individual and the society. It is crucial in learning institutions and places of work. It encourages value creation, which ensures competitiveness in the society in all sectors. Diversity also gives individuals an opportunity to boost their selves and improve their performance. According to opinion by Khin Mai Aung, 2007, affirmative action provides diversity in institutions of learning. This kind of diversity gives all people an opportunity to participate in nation building in various sectors. It also gives people an opportunity to appreciate each other’s culture.

The use of affirmative action in the University is a major tool that promotes diversity. This is because admissions are based on performance, which means that all can access equal education opportunities. In U.C.L.A, in New York, the percentage of admissions of the minority has risen to 16.4 percent, according to report in New York Times. All these arguments show that affirmative action is necessary, and all its components should be implemented comprehensively.

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