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Aggression in Schools and How It Can Be Combated


Having a healthy generation of people is an important thing that any given government would wish to have. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that as people become of age, they are taught the importance of being calm no matter the situation that they might face in life. According to Geffner & Tishelman (2011), aggression is an action that can take different forms depending on the people involved. For instance, one can attack another person, calling them names, sarcasm, or doing things that will likely intimidate another person. This essay will explore aggression in schools and how it can be combated.

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Types of Aggression for schools

Schools particularly the high schools and the institutions of higher learning are the haven of aggression. According to Ttofi (2011), the students belong to the same age bracket and as a result, have so many things in common. He points out that one of the types of aggression found among the students is relational aggression. He defines relational aggression as the deliberate intention by one person to cause harm to another person through the exploitation of a relationship. Through this, the students quarrel with each other especially boys who have a conflicting interest in a certain girl. One of these boys will work hard to ensure that he wins the girl back from the other boy. The two will have quarrels that may be harmful to their lives.

The other type of aggression amongst students is bullying. This form of aggression is mainly found in high school students and especially boys. According to Ttofi (2011), boys joining the high school are particularly bullied by their senior students in the name of welcoming them to their institutions. As a result, this cycle of bullying has failed to stop because each of the senior students wants to revenge what was done to them when they joined the institution.

Theories explaining Aggression

A number of scholars have forwarded various theories to explain aggression in people. Geffner & Tishelman (2011) indicates that Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis claimed that human actions are motivated by sexual and instincts which he referred to as the libido. Therefore, if this libido is repressed, it is going to demonstrate itself as aggression. This explains relational aggression amongst students.

In the second theory, aggression is linked to frustration. Geffner & Tishelman (2011) argues that frustration is the primary cause of aggression and that aggression is the effect of frustration. This theory can be referred to as cause and effect theory which can be traced as bullying amongst students. However, after thorough research over a period of time, it was found that frustration is not the main cause of aggression but rather one of the main causes.

Social factors

Some of the social factors that may contribute to aggression in a student include fear of the unknown as well as discrimination from the members of the society. It is believed that as a way of trying to get rid of these things the student or any other individual becomes aggressive.

Cultural factors

Cultural factors that might cause aggressiveness in a student include female genital mutilation in Africa where those who have not undergone it may be bullied so that they can go through the same rite of passage. Therefore, if a girl is forced to undergo such a rite, she is likely to become aggressive.

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Situational and personal factors

Situational and personal factors that may cause aggressiveness in a student include issues like the desire to be in a relationship with a certain person. If this is not attained, the girl will become aggressive especially to any person who seems to oppose her from getting it.

Strategies to control aggression

Students should be allocated maximum time to ensure that they do not suffer from these kinds of aggressions. There are several measures that should be put in place in order to eliminate aggression among student. Ttofi (2011) points out that providing support for a successful performance would help other students to work hard and hence avoid promoting aggression. In addition, he recommends that students should be given some powers which they should exercise, for example, becoming counselor to other students. Removing or keeping away environmental factors that may cause aggression to a student also plays a big role.

Once aggression in students has been dealt with and the student moves back to their homes, such students are likely to mingle with other members of the family easily. Thus, there will be no confrontation at all because they will have known that they too have responsibilities at home as they are in school. On the other hand, if such students are able to settle well at home then they will definitely be comfortable with the rest of the members of the society. As a result, there will be peace and tranquility in society.


Young children are the future leaders and therefore the people responsible for them for example the parents and the teachers should make sure that the students receive the maximum support that they need to help them accomplish their goals in school.

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