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Agricultural Traditions of Canadians

I would like to describe agricultural traditions of Canadians. Agriculture plays one of the most important parts in Canada’s life. A lot of people are involved in this area of economy. Canadians are great farmers; they work really hard and enjoy their work and results they get. Very often a farm belongs to one family, and children continue working on their parents’ farm. In Canada there is a very good agricultural education, so young people can get higher education in agriculture and use it on their own farms. This helps to develop agriculture of the whole country. Canadians are very preoccupied with the quality of their products and that is why they eat only healthy food which they grow in their farms.

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As for food traditions in Canada I would like to stress, that it is very various. At the same time almost all Canadians eat a lot of meat, and, of course, vegetables. It is possible to say that meat is the most important food in Canadian meals. Moreover, Canadians eat it every day, three times a day, and they eat a lot. Canadians are very good workers and very good eaters as well. I think it makes sense, because they work very hard, so they need a lot of energy, and that is why they need a lot of meat.

Values of Canadian farming are similar to those in the United States. Canadians believe that farming is the most important part of their life, because they can grow their food. They know that they will never be hungry, because their land will feed them, they only need to work hard, and they do work. They always try to develop their faming, and to get as rich harvest as it is possible. Canadian farmers are also proud of their status of nation feeders.

To my mind, all said above is very correct and Canadians are very good farmers. My values are quite similar to Canadian values in farming. I also think that farming is the most important part of economy of every society. Unfortunately, not every country has so many possibilities in farming as Canadians have (a lot of area for agriculture, good soil, a lot of water, good climate), so these countries have to buy food from such lucky countries as Canada or, for example, the United States. I think that in farming it is important to work hard and develop own farming methods. I believe that farmers should grow only high-quality products.

To my mind, farmers must use no chemical fertilizers which can make their harvest or livestock grow better, but at the same time they can harm these products and people who eat them. Farmers should use only natural fertilizers and other safe resources in their farming. I think these principles must be used in the agriculture of every country. I cannot say that I am a great farmer or even farmer at all, but I know this is the only way that farming should develop. It is unnecessary to come from the farmers’ family to understand that. It is universal truth that people must eat, and they have to grow their food.

I also think that making farming business a family business can develop not only one farm, but agriculture of the whole country. Farmers in such kind of farms know everything about their land or land in general, and know what to do to get more from this land. Such farmers, to my mind, are more determined to get success, they do everything with soul. And land feels that and gives much more than it gets from people.

As for food, I think, Canadians are right when they eat healthy food. Of course, if you don’t move a lot or work as hard as farmers do, you shouldn’t a lot, but we cannot forget that food is necessary for our life. I believe that people who try to eat less, or don’t eat some products to become slimmer, are not right, people should eat everything that nature gives, but, of course, not too much. I think people should eat so as they work, and which is very important they must eat healthy food.

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As for American farming, it is very good that the same creeds as written above are present in American agriculture. American farmers work a lot on their farms and develop their skills in farming. This makes American farming very successful. American farmers give their skills and knowledge to their children, and they use this knowledge to make their farms better. American farmers pay a lot of attention to the quality of their products, and that is why American products are very good and safe.

I think that these successful creeds should be used in every society, but, unfortunately, some countries don’t use some of them. A lot of countries, for example, don’t mind the quality of their products and farmers of those countries use too much chemical fertilizers to grow their products. This is very bad for people who eat such kind of food. I hope that soon all countries will follow creeds used in the United States and Canada, and all people of the world will enjoy plenty of healthy food.

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