Airline Safety Practices and Medication Administration


Now-a-days nursing has developed its all functional activities in accordance with technological, political or socio-economical rapid change. The changing boundaries of professional responsibility and its influence on their scope of practice have been emerged. Nursing around the world needs to feel the confident and the essential and significant contribution to the provision of safe, quality patient care.

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The article “Applying airline safety practices to medication administration” by Theresa M. Pape is to be said as one of the best outcomes in regarding this field. The article has shown how the practice of airline safety can be applied to the medication administration. The medication administration activities are now-a-days very sophisticated and difficult to run properly. But the authority cannot fulfill the minimum requirements and the writer has pointed on this issue.

Critical evaluation of article-Applying airline safety practices to medication administration.

Research problem

The topic “applying airline safety practices to medication administration” is very much helpful for improving and developing the medication administration. Notably, such type of article is rare as limited research exists assisting this kind of human factors. The writer mainly focused on the medication administration errors (MAEs) and the causes behind it. The writer pointed out seven rights- right patient, right drug, right dose, right time, right route, right reason, and right documentation which are the components of medication errors. The airline industry improves pilots focus when preparing to fly a plane. At that time they are not allowed to engage in conversation to increase focus during critical periods and reduces crashes. The writer proposed and suggested to apply this in the area of medication administration.

Some hypothesis have been mentioned in the article for say environmental constraints, ineffectiveness of one level, manipulation of more accessible constraint and the reducing system problems.

Literature review

The literature review has not been focused properly in the article and it is considered as one huge weakness. The background is good and reasonable in context of the medication administration. At the beginning there is a presence of statistics data that helps the reader to concentrate on the paper. The writer pointed that the existing papers are not sufficient to focus the issue. But it is not that type of correct because there are lot of articles that mainly focus on the same thing but differently.

Theoretical/conceptual framework

The theoretical or conceptual framework of this study is according to the writer from a Harrison and Shirom’s organizational assessment structure. As these writers are well known, then it can be said that the framework of this study is strong and reliable. However, the MASH model reminds the acceptance and it represents the strength of this study.

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Research design

The overall design of the article is to be said very well as it has a positive impact on the medication administration field. But in regarding the sequence of the heading and subheading, it is very complex and not properly arranged. That’s why it seems sometime difficult to understand continuously. Hence, many things are useless that should have not been in the article.

Sampling method/data collection

The primary data collection process is one of the weaknesses of this article. The writer collects these data as for just to avoid the main issue. The secondary data collection is quite good and well manner. But it is also need to say that it is self-contradictory with the primary data collection. On the other side, there is no clear mention of how these data has been collected. It is mentioned in the article that statistics data were analyzed using SPSS 10.0 with alpha set at.05.


Procedure means the set of actions that represents its acceptance to others. In the perspective of this article, the procedure is same as the research design. But it is not the only fact; because there is main dissimilarity that the research design represents the overall outlook. The procedure of the article can be said not totally well. The writer indicates the medication administration errors with the mail lost or airplane crashes. But MAEs are not same because the possibility of errors is the main factor. The possibility of errors at medication administration is much higher than the other sectors.

Presentation of data

The presentation of data of the article “Applying airline safety practices to medication administration” is good but not properly managed. It is difficult to present the data properly when the article is big like this one. But there is also one weakness of this article about presenting data. Some of the data are not relevant with this article and there was no necessity to use at all. In addition, the consequence of data presentation is not so much appreciated. The mentioned data could be presented more systematically. The length of the article is too big and at the end it seems to be more complex.


In the conclusions section the writer compared and recommend some suggestion from the airline industry. How unnecessary conversation can be discouraged, use of educational interventions, use visible symbols, use checklists, limitation has been pointed out. These recommendations are to be said very traditional and there is absence of new recommendations. The concern or outcomes is one of the strengths of the article. It reminds how the problem can be solved and also what are the scopes to do it. The overall consequence and findings are strong in the perspective of such type of paper.


The division of work should be the concentration of the administration. If the nurses or the other employees maintain their responsibility then the medication administration errors will be occurred comparatively less.

There are some things where improvement can be done, but that can create some other problems. The airline safety practice can be applied but it is also need to understand that it would not be the only solution of this problem. Though the both areas are service related but they are completely different from each other. In nursing there are a lot of barriers that is not possible to remove completely. So, it would be better to recommend that responsibility is the most important thing that can prevent the errors and make sure of safety and the authority can focus on this issue.

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Pape, Theresa. M. (2003). Applying airline safety practices to medication administration. Health Care Industry. CNET Networks, Inc. Web.

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