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Alexander Hamilton, The Founding Wizard

The founding wizard is an article on the Founding Fathers of our great nation. The article tries to bring to the fore how the leaders used their wisdom other than political inclinations to make great decisions that have continued to be benchmarks in our society. The article as well demonstrates how out of scratch these leaders built America’s economy making it the most vibrant economy in the whole world. The article further demonstrates why leaders should take a firm stand when it comes to implementing national policies. He shows us the dangers of putting politics in matters of the economy. Lastly, it shows why good leaders should be cunning and be ready to relent.

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The author of the article gives us an example of Alexander Hamilton as one who possessed true leadership qualities. He expounds on how his otherwise unpopular decisions helped in changing the face of America. The author tells us that when the American nation was founded in 1789, it was heavily in debt and many analysts thought the center could not hold for it. Without a strong economy, the whole government was bound to fail. It was in such a dilemma that Hamilton found himself. Being the Secretary of the Treasury, he was not only responsible for coming up with a strategy of paying the countries foreign and internal debt but was also responsible for ensuring that there were enough funds to keep all the sectors of the economy running.

History has it that among all the Founding Fathers, Hamilton was the only one who had been born outside what came to be known as the United States. Unlike the other leaders, he was also the only one born from a low-class family. When he was still young, his father abandoned him and he had to fend for himself most of his childhood. This variation in lifestyle with the other leaders made them have opposing ideas in life with Hamilton. Having been born out of the states, meaning that his loyalty was in the whole nation, not a particular state.

The author of the article further shows us how contrary to the common perception that the American Revolution brought democracy, there was no such thing. He states that only male members of the royal family were allowed to vote in the delegates meeting that changed the constitution. As it turned out, Hamilton was not a member of that group. Being a bright man, the political elite always utilized his expertise but always reminded him where he belonged when it came to making important decisions. While the rest of the leaders believed in amassing power, Hamilton believed in equally balancing the power between the majority and the minority, the weak, the strong, and between the poor and the rich. To him, this is an attribute of a great leader.

Single-handedly, Hamilton prepared and transmitted to the congress reports that helped bring the economy of the United States to its feet. Over the following years, Hamilton fought the biggest battle with his political opponents. Where Hamilton wanted to create a vibrant economy that would set American’s free, the political masters wanted to benefit themselves. When it was apparent that only a handful of legislators were willing to support him, Hamilton had to use his bargaining power and cunning nature to cut a deal that forever placed America on top of the world.

The author of the article has proved his thesis statement very well in my understanding. Hamilton is a great example of how government leaders should behave. The author also clearly points out how the man beat all odds to make America a world leader as we know it today. It is very important to learn that if it were not for his sacrifices, our great nation would probably be an underdeveloped country today. This is because for any economy to grow there has to be laid formulations to run the economy something that Hamilton did with a great passion. There is also a need to balance power since if it’s left on one side there is the possibility that people would use it for their selfish ambitions.

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