Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Dysfunction

Alzheimer’s disease is an untreatable condition that destroys brain cells and nerves, thus afflicting many important memory functions (“Alzheimer’s disease,” n.d.). It is the number one cause of dementia in the majority of the patients. As it stands, the scientists are unsure of what exactly causes Alzheimer’s syndrome, but the preliminary conclusions state that the reasons for it likely involve genetic predisposition, lifestyle, and the environment, which affect a person’s brain over time. In many cases of Alzheimer’s syndrome, the researchers have found evidence of its connection to the protein plaques and tangles, which affect the patient’s nutrient supply and can potentially damage and destroy brain cells (“Alzheimer’s disease,” n.d.).

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The only symptoms noticeable to the patient would be mild forgetfulness and confusion. However, as the disease progresses, the memory capabilities of an individual will slowly fade. Eventually, patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s syndrome will have trouble performing even the simplest of tasks associated with their memory – they will become lost in familiar places, repeat the same sentences over and over again, forget the locations of their personal effects. At the deepest stages of the disease, the patients will have trouble remembering their names and recognize the names and faces of their family members (“Alzheimer’s disease,” n.d.).

As it stands, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s syndrome. There are medicaments and treatments that can help slow down the development of the disease, but it is impossible to get rid of the illness completely, and it would slowly progress over time. Therapists and psychologists can help the patients with Alzheimer’s syndrome cope with their condition as well as provide effective strategies for managing daily tasks, through leaving notes and keeping a diary, as well as following the prescribed medications (“Alzheimer’s disease,” n.d.).


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