Tuberculosis Rates and Related Issues in Miami

A nurse must make sure that the needs of all community members are met. However, in a multicultural environment, the identified task becomes increasingly difficult. To address the issues observed in Miami, FL, one will have to consider combining the local health initiatives with the Healthy People 2020 project.

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Illness Description: Tuberculosis as a Reason for Concern

Although tuberculosis is not a new threat to patients’ well-being, it remains a tangible threat to U.S. communities, the one in Miami, FL not being an exception. Tuberculosis is typically defined as a dangerous infectious disease that affects one’s lungs and may lead to death unless managed properly (“Infectious disease services,” 2015). From the perspective of the Healthy People 2020 initiative and the national surveillance data provided by the creators of the initiative, the National TB Surveillance System has been identifying the instances of TB successfully; particularly, in 2012, fewer than 14 cases of TB development or contraction per 100,000 people were registered (“Tuberculosis (TB), 2005–2012,” 2013). Despite the fact that TB remains a potential threat to the health of U.S. citizens, in general, and the residents of Miami, FL, in particular, the subject matter has been addressed accordingly, yet it needs an improved framework for meeting the needs of diverse populations.

Population-Based Communicable Illnesses in Miami, FL

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis is currently listed among the key concerns for healthcare agencies in Miami, FL (“Hepatitis program,” 2015). Transmitted virally, Hepatitis A is not typically viewed as the disease that leads to drastic effects, yet it may evolve to fulminant hepatitis, which, in turn, is likely to lead to a patients’ death (“Hepatitis A,” 2017). Therefore, it is imperative to manage the problem accordingly. Even though suffering Hepatitis A may lead to developing a lifelong immunity toward the disease, it is crucial to make sure that the residents of Miami, FL should not be exposed to the identified threat.

Despite the fact that the current Healthy People 2020 initiative focuses on managing the problems associated with hepatitis B, Hepatitis A also gets a brief mentioning in the initiative. Particularly, the Healthy People 2020 program indicates that raising awareness among the global community members about the threats of the disease and the means of preventing it is a crucial step toward reducing the levels of Hepatitis A contraction.

Hepatitis B

Another issue that remains on the Miami agenda, Hepatitis B poses a significantly greater threat to people’s health. According to the existing description of the disease pathophysiology, it affects the liver greatly, leading to significant impairments. The problem is currently on the agenda of the Healthy People 2020 initiative; furthermore, it remains a major concern for the residents of Miami, FL. Quickly evolving into a chronic disease, Hepatitis B damages patients’ liver leading to the further development of cirrhosis and liver cancer (“Hepatitis B,” 2017).

The Healthy People 2020 framework suggests that raising awareness about the factors that contribute to contracting the disease should be used as the primary tool in reducing the death toll and helping the community. It should be noted, though, that the Healthy People framework distinguishes between the three types of Hepatitis (A, B, and C), providing a unique management approach for each. The Florida Health Department, on the contrary, tends to embrace Hepatitis from a generic perspective. The identified inconsistency between the strategies adopted by the Healthy People Initiative and the Florida Health Department may lead to a comparatively low effect of the measures taken to handle the issue (“National HIV/AIDS Strategy,” 2015). Therefore it is strongly recommended that a uniform approach based on the strategies suggested by the Healthy People 2020 initiative should be designed for addressing hepatitis-related issues in the Miami, FL community. As a result, the improvement in patient outcomes can be achieved faster. Furthermore, the premises for addressing the needs of a multicultural community of Miami, FL will have to be built.


Last but definitely not least, the issue of HIV/AIDS needs to be mentioned as one of the primary concerns that must be resolved in Miami, FL. The issue remains a priority for the local health authorities. The current initiatives include using social media as the tool for raising awareness. The Healthy People 2020 project, in turn, suggests taking a step further and considering the factors that contribute to the contraction of HIV/AIDS in a diverse community (“HIV/AIDS,” 2017). The identified framework should be applied to the Miami, FL setting by addressing the socioeconomic status of its residents. For instance, opportunities for learning should be given to the residents of poor communities, as well as people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, who may have language-related difficulties.

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Conclusion: Addressing the Needs of the Local Population

Managing health concerns in Miami, FL will become significantly easier once the principles of the Healthy People 2020 program are incorporated into the existing strategy for addressing health issues. As a result, the instances of contracting Tuberculosis, hepatitis A and B, and HIV/AIDS will become considerably less numerous even in poor neighborhoods of Miami, FL. However, to improve health outcomes among the residents of the area, one will have to consider using the strategies that will lead to the active engagement of the target population into the process of developing awareness about the identified problems. As a result, a rapid improvement is expected.


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