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American Civil War and Iraq Invasion Comparison


The american civil war is one of the political events which happened in America from 1861 to 1865. The major cause of this war was political since it was caused by the Republican Party. The Republican Party in the history of America is the second oldest political party. This party was created in the year 1854 and it was during this period when only two political parties were existing and these are the Whig party and the Democratic Party respectively. It was also during this time when Abraham Lincoln was the first republican president from the years 1861 to 1865 the period of the civil war in America. Therefore, the civil war had the Republican Party has been the dominant party which was mostly dominating this war headed by Abraham Lincoln. He also ended the domination of the southern and the northern democrat’s pro-slavery coalition which was dominating the country during that particular time. (Boatner, 2000).

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Therefore, the civil war in this case was a war between the southern slave states which had formed a coalition with the pro-slavery plus the United States of America. This war was led by the Republicans in trying to ensure that such pro-slavery coalitions between these two groups had been stopped. This political party was so much against the expansion of most of the slaves in all the territories which had been known to be owned by the American states. This is because these slaves had occupied a large position in American hence the decision by Lincoln to ensure that the expansion of these slaves has been stopped. Also, it was due to his victory to become the president of the republican political party which also motivated him to cause the civil war to fight all these slaves which had been used in America. All these hostilities are known to have begun in the year 1861 and this happened when the confederate forces were seen to attack the American military forces at the south of Carolina and hence Lincoln in this case responded by calling for volunteer armies to fight them. It was in the year 1862 when Lincoln of the federal party is seen to have ended the civil war. This war is seen as the most deadly war in American history since it led to the death of so many people. An approximation of 620,000 soldiers is known to have died during this war plus many civilians who had been seriously injured. The war in this case also led to the end of slavery in the United States hence strengthening the role of the federal government. Slavery is one of the bad issues which can be most evident in America whereby so many people had been taken as slaves. So it was through Abraham Lincoln under his republican party who participated in the end of slavery in America. This meant that there were no cases of people been mistreated by others in the country something which was so common before his coming into power. So much of this political battle was mainly focused on the expansion of slavery in the most newly created territories since these soil of the newly created states would become free soils that were free from slavery. The slavery power, in this case, was seen to be controlling the government, and hence due to the fear by most of the south and the north losing this power to the federal government, the war is seen to have escalated so much with the republican winning the war. It was due to the war which caused the end of the slavery plantations hence the Republican Party in the year 1854 took power which is also the last remaining party in American history that still exists even today. (Boatner, 2000).

Slavery was highly used in the south and the northern regions of America. These slaves could be highly used in their plantations. It was as a result of this slavery that led the Republican Party to fight a civil war in trying to ensure that slavery has ended in the country hence free soil. This is because most of these slaves had so much expanded in the newly established territories but Lincoln in this case wanted these regions to be free soil from any slaves. (Buel, 2003).

So, in trying to compare the republican civil war with the wars which are happening today, we can try and compare it with Iraq’s war which was caused by Bush under his republican party. Bush was elected to his presidency during the year 2000 as the republican candidate. So, in this case, the Republican Party is one of the parties which have remained in American history since it was started by Lincoln, and Bush in this case is seen to have followed in his footsteps. The Iraq invasion was seen as more political in the sense that George W. Bush called for the invasion of war so that it can try and disarm war. This is because Iraq was seen as one of the countries that were in possession of wars hence leading to so many wars which were evident to the country for example the case of the Iraq invasion of Kuwait. So, the similarity in these two wars is that we tend to see that just like the American civil war which was caused by the Republican Party under the reign of Abraham Lincoln, the Iraq invasion was too political and was caused by Bush who called for the invasion of the country in trying to disarm its many weapons. This is because this was the period when Saddam was in power hence leading the country into more terrorists hence Bush’s decision was to ensure that it has freed the people from the poor leadership of Saddam the same way Lincoln under his leadership wanted to end slavery in South and North America. IT was then in the year 2003 when Bush called for military action to be taken over Iraq. Iraq during this time had a high possession of military weapons something which Bush saw as a threat to international peace. As so many people try to argue, they claim that this war was so much political since there were other measures that could have been used in trying to combat this particular war. So many countries have explained that there was no particular evidence of WMD and also Iraq was not justified at all in the context of the UNMOVIC. (Massachusetts. Adjutant General. 2001).

This is one of the problems which so many political leaders have had in America since history. So many political leaders have been the cause of wars that have happened since history hence leaving so many people to die while others civilians seriously injured. It’s a political problem that has its root in the history of America since it is one of the countries which has experienced so many wars and the majority of these wars are said to be more political say the case of the American civil war and the Iraq invasion which was caused by Bush. Bush’s invasion of Iraq is one of the wars which left so many people worried about his decision to fight American. Some went to the extend of saying that the country wanted to remain more superior in all aspects and hence the invasion of Iraq so that it could deny it the possession of its weapons. So just like Lincoln’s issue of slavery abolition so that he could have his free soil, it is more similar to the Bush invasion so that America can remain the only superior country in the world. So these two wars can be seen to have been caused by politicians who wanted to benefit from it through the republican party. (Garcia, 2000).


History is very much important in any country since it’s through history we can be in a position to try and understand the current event. This is because most of the current happenings which are happening today have their roots in history. So you will find that it’s through understanding our history that we can be in a position to try and understand the current happenings and their significance to us.


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