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American Empire: A Global History

Many of the universally accepted courses, United States History (HIST405) certainly being one of them, appeals to many people who simply treasure information and styles of thinking entailed. However, a few people are spontaneously attracted to the course or are doubtful of the need to understand its purpose (Mays, 2019). Like in other courses, historians do not undertake heart surgery, design highways, or give legal advice. Although history is indispensable, the products of its study are less tangible and at times not as immediate as the ones obtained in other fields.

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The American Revolution is a lesson learned from the United States history course that continues to influence present life and work. The American Revolution was swayed by imperial politics, underlying principles, rivalries amid dynasties, religion, greed, socio-economic variations, race, differing pursuits between the US and Britain, cultural developments, and people’s aspirations to improve their lives. Attributable to the American Revolution, the colonies in the US continued to develop with increased prosperity guiding the establishment of schools and education gaining great significance. Education was identified as a tool for the establishment and promotion of aspects such as liberty, democracy, and research (Brock, 2019). From the early times, education has continued to ensure that people learn how to become responsible individuals for them to secure safe and prosperous communities for future generations. In this regard, through education, the American revolution has continued to shape people’s lives and occupations.

The United States History course has affected my life and tasks by encouraging me to uphold peace and avoid actions such as incitement that could trigger warfare. Such occurrences create a favorable environment for people to improve their lives by engaging in meaningful tasks, for example, continuing with education to the doctorate level. Incoming students should be aware that this class enjoys one of the most dedicated and friendly lecturers who will make them love the course and yearn to become historians. They will feel that history ought to be learned attributable to its significance to people and communities, over and above its harboring beauty (Mays, 2019). The strategies that I used and that incoming learners might find useful entail thorough study of notes while marking crucial information in a notebook, in addition to discussing the course content with colleagues. Successful learning of history generates experience in handling and evaluating various forms of evidence

The advice that I can provide to help incoming students to earn an A is that they should endeavor to evaluate past instances of change. Assessment of past change occurrences is crucial for gaining knowledge of the current society. It is a vital skill in appreciating the ever-changing world. A comparison of specific changes over time from existing records assists learners to acquire sufficient knowledge that would easily make them earn an A grade in their examinations. The capacity to distinguish continuities that accompany even dramatic variations is entrenched in the study of history and draws the ability to determine possible sources of change (Brock, 2019). Learning the best technique of evaluating the phases of change that have transpired, public statements, private data, and visual aids inculcates the capability to form comprehensible arguments anchored in a range of data.

Despite the products of its learning being less tangible, history is essential. American colonies have continued to advance with increased prosperity guiding the establishment of schools and education attaining great implications. The assessment of past change incidences is critical to gaining knowledge of the present society.


Brock, D. E. (2019). American empire: A global history. International Social Science Review, 95(3), 1-10.

Mays, T. M. (2019). Historical dictionary of the American Revolution (3rd ed.). Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

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