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The Role of History Learning in Society

If you’re looking for an essay about the role and value of history in modern society, look no further. This essay sample explores the role of history in people’s lives and explains the reasons we study it.

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History is the gathered information of the occurrences and people that have got us to where we are at present. Our civilization thrives on the historical occurrences. The study of history is, therefore, important in giving us direction to take in life. In spite of the essential role that history plays in society, many people still do not bother to learn about history.

The Role and Value of History in Modern Society

I have chosen History because I do not want to be ignorant. I want to be helpful to society. I like history. It offers society an opportunity to do extremely well by overcoming past mistakes and generating appropriate solutions for today’s problems. However, historians face several challenges. In my opinion, they are not listened to satisfactorily.

This problem, most likely, occurs as a result of lack of understanding, as history is still relevant today. History is more relevant today than ever because people seek to identify with their heritage in its accurate context. Also, they seek to understand the history of other nations and traditions that have never been properly recognized (” Is history still relevant today?”).

Administrations, business leaders, and armed forces can use history, especially political, military, and economic history, to make informed decisions. The society requires leaders with sufficient knowledge in history. I would like to provide exceptional services to my society. I, therefore, wish to become a distinguished history teacher. I consider that the history profession is at crossroads.

If we do not provide education on the subject, we will soon stop to be proud of our nation. Conflicts of interest undermine the quality of information relating to historical events that are taught in schools. Teaching history from different racial, cultural, or gender perspective is becoming challenging as certain educators constantly cross the line from teaching actual historical happenings to protesting against certain traditions and believes (Lukacs, 81).

Why I Chose to Become a History Teacher

I intend to teach History impartially to keep the dreams of our fallen heroes alive and take appropriate lessons from the past wrongdoings. I also intend to encourage the use of historical information in offices. I understand that historians have a role of educating not only students but also policymakers. The policy makes often make laws without scrutinizing what has or has not succeeded in the past.

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As a professional teacher of history, I will present lessons in the relevant context for today’s decision makers. The role that I intend to take in society requires putting a lot of effort. I will carry out duties ranging from teaching friends to teaching students and informing leaders of their roles. I believe that the course will help me to accomplish these tasks as required.

The course will prepare me to understand how to improve the present and future. Moreover, it will help me to understand about ourselves and how we can make an inspiring history. Additionally, I will meet people who love and talk about the history and have divergent viewpoints. Meeting people with divergent viewpoints will be helpful, as I will become more informed than before.


Understanding history is usually difficult for most students. They commonly say that the subject is boring, a waste of time, and presents irrelevant past occurrences. A competent history teacher ought to understand these shortcomings and learn to solve them harmoniously. The course will instill the skills for performing the task excellently in me.

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