American Government: Voting, Campaigns, and Elections

The process of voting in the United States is complex, with several rules and outcomes. It is not enough for a candidate to be introduced and participate in elections. Potential voters should be aware of their obligations to make positive contributions to the development of their country. The modern US voting system is not perfect due to weak voter registration and low turnout, and improvements in campaigns and elections are necessary as it is a chance to build a good future.

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The United States has a long history of voting rights, with white males, black males, women, and young people being included as the electorate gradually. Today, about one-third of the American population neglects their chance to vote because of different reasons. Low voter turnout may be explained by the poorly developed voter registration system or the inability to access enough information about candidates.

To be effective, elections must be properly planned and organized. In addition to the idea to move the ordinary election day (Tuesday) to Saturday (when people do not work), improvements at local and national levels are required. Microtargeting is one of the options to choose specific groups and focus on their needs to make sure potential supporters are involved. Education plays a role in recognizing partisanship as one of the determinants of political behavior.

People must understand that their participation in elections and voting campaigns is their attempt to frame a better future. It is not just another obligation that has to be considered. It is a chance to evaluate the positions of the Democrats and the Republicans and realize what the country needs at the moment. To remove political ambitions, voters must demonstrate their intentions to understand and change something.

In general, the process of voting, the creation of political campaigns, and the results of elections have a significant impact on US citizens and the whole world. These collective processes result in the choice of a new way of life according to which future generations must develop. Any political election is not just a one-minute decision but the choice of life when new rulers and leaders are introduced to the country.

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