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American Gun Control Laws: Reasons to Implement


Gun control laws are a subject of heated debate among legislators and policy-makers in many countries. The main question is whether this policy can bring tangible improvements to the society. It has been argued that the right to bear arms should of the civic right to which a person is entitled. Nevertheless, the unlimited availability of firearms can lead to the increased homicide in a country (Gold 14). Additionally, many mass shootings become possible because there are no restrictions that can prevent a person with emotional or mental disorders from purchasing weapons. These are the main reasons why gun control laws should be implemented.

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Unlimited availability of firearms and homicide rate

First of all, researchers argue that many homicides occur when a person, who is affected by temporary rage or alcohol, uses firearms (Crooker 3). In more than 80 percent of all cases, the perpetrators of such crimes did not deliberate to murder another person (Crooker 3). To a great extent, their actions were spontaneous. The main problem is that a person without mental disorders cannot always control his/her emotions. This individual becomes extremely dangerous if he/she has a gun. Therefore, unrestricted ownership of these weapons could be a critical factor that contributed to these felonies. Moreover, other statistical indicators should be considered. For instance, the comparison of various industrialized countries shows that the firearm death rate among children is higher in those states where the use and distribution of guns is not restricted (Crooker 4). For instance, it is possible to mention the United States. This empirical evidence should not be disregarded.

Mental disorders and the use of guns

Apart from that, one should not forget that some individuals can be mentally unstable. The behavior of such people can be unpredictable (Crooker 3). They can use firearms against others even without any provocation from a victim. The results of their actions can be disastrous. It is possible to mention such cases as the Virginia Tech massacre, shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School, or the crimes of Anders Breivik. These individuals might not have committed their crimes provided that they had not had access to weapons. This is another rationale for adopting gun control laws.

The right to self-defense and gun control laws

Admittedly, it is possible to object to this argument. In particular, the critics of this policy emphasize a person’s right to self-defense. The main premise is that many people might not have fallen victims of murderers if they had access to firearms. Apart from that, the homicide rate in a country can depend on the political and economic situation in a country. Nevertheless, one can also note that criminals will also find it more difficult to commit felonies if they cannot easily purchase guns. Therefore, the government should make sure that weapons are not accessible to people who pose a threat to the society. This is the main point that can be made.


Overall, this discussion indicates that the adoption of gun control laws can be a necessary precaution that can reduce the risk of homicide. The examples examined in this paper suggest that many crimes can be attributed to the availability of weapons. This is the main issue that should be considered. In turn, the adoption of gun control laws can reduce homicide rates in a country. This is the main benefit of this policy. Yet, policy-makers should develop the most optimal strategies for implementing this policy.

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