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American History: Civil War Evaluation

The civil war is one of the most defining events in the history of the United States. The war, which was fought between the two ideological opponents in the country, led to a number of resolutions whose effects still resonate with the American public and the municipal administration. The United States has risen to become one of the most successful territories in history, with the civil war being an important milestone for this nation.

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According to the author, war has always been associated with bad results, especially where there are deaths of people and massive destruction of property. However, another argument is that the war can be used to catapult the nation into prosperity and success. This paper holds this argument. The American civil war was a good thing for the nation, if the events that occurred since the war to present are anything to uphold.

The success that was witnessed in the United States is partly attributable to the civil war and the periods that immediately followed the war. A major outcome of the war was the abolition of slavery. Although there were immediate economic implications of this move, the centuries and years that followed show how this result was a positive one from the war. The black populations in the country had been disenfranchised prior to the war, with most of them being slaves in the farms of their white masters. The consequences of the war meant that these individuals could engage in activities that were politically correct and sound, including the exercise of their political right.

The other outcome of the civil war is a strong political system. Most battles end with the declaration of peace and the formulation of laws that ensure that future interactions are made in a more civilized manner.

The civil war resulted in some of the most advanced political systems in the United States, with opponents and proponents of ideas presenting them on a platform that was formulated after the war. The American political system with its rivalries and ideas was born to propel the nation to its current state of success. The benefits of a working political system were immediately experienced in the following elections, which were among the most competitive in the US history.

The civil war preserved the union between the south and north of the country. Prior to this war, the United States was under threat from separatist movements that threatened to split the country into north and south regions. If the civil war did not take place, the forces of evil would have succeeded in tearing this great nation apart.

The most challenging of events after the civil war including the First and Second World Wars were only conquered because the nation stayed together. The large population base allowed the United States to provide the necessary forces to overcome the tyrannies of the world and/or conquer some of the challenges of the 21st century.

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The Unites States has one of the most tolerant societies on the planet, with numerous races and ethnicities existing in the same geographical area. This characteristic is only possible because the civil war veterans wanted to see the coexistence of different races in the same area. Therefore, based on the expositions that have been put across in this paper, it is clear that the available evidence proves that the civil war was a positive thing for the United States. The events that were witnessed after this war serve to prove this point.

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