Americans and Germans New Leadership in 1933

Cause of the Problem that their Countries Faced

Perspective of Hitler

Hitler pointed out two specific reasons behind the current plight that Germany experienced. The first was the adverse system of reparations that Germany had to pay at the end of the first World War. This is evidenced by the following quote:

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“The resulting actions between victors and those they vanquished created turmoil between nations and led to the deterioration of industries” (, 2015).

The second cause of the problems was the supposed failures of the Marxist-oriented regimes in which led to the country’s dire economic situation. He even stated that is due to the fourteen years that Germany endured under Marxism that caused these issues and, as such, change was needed.

Perspective of Franklin Roosevelt

In his speech, Roosevelt connected the current problems the U.S. was facing to the actions of the various financial entities in the New York stock exchange that caused the Great Depression that lasted for ten years. Evidence of this can be seen in Roosevelt referencing that the country actually had a lot of available resources; however, their use was not being implemented due to lack of industrial demand. He also used the following quote to connect the actions of reckless financial institutions to the Great Depression:

“… because the leaders in of our exchange of goods have failed in their jobs due to greed and stubbornness, and even incompetence” (Bartleby, 2015).

Dealing with Unemployment



To resolve the problem of unemployment, Hitler proposed that the government implement two four-year plans to address the issues currently affecting the country. These focus on public spending to revive economic activity to bring in more workers.

Banking, finance and in general, the economy

To help the financial sector of the economy, Hitler proposed that it would be necessary to promote more employment and preserve the current livelihood of the country’s farmers.

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One way in which Hitler would have revived the agricultural sector would have been through the implementation of a compulsory method of labor service as well as practices that give the land back to farmers.

Foreign Policy

When it comes to its foreign policy initiatives, Hitler proposed that the National Government should focus on giving the German people her freedom as well as providing enough space to live.



To resolve the problem of unemployment, Roosevelt explained that to solve the issues plaguing the country, the U.S. should treat poverty the same way it treats war, namely by having the government assist in its irradication.

Banking, finance and in general, the economy

To revive the financial industry during the Great Depression, Roosevelt proposed that: changes must be enacted in the banking sector to prevent the same problems that created the Great Depression from happening again. These take the form of limitations on the ability of bankers and investors to implement new banking or investing policies.


Roosevelt also said that to help the agricultural sector, it would be necessary to prevent more foreclosures by implementing policies that enable farmers to keep their farms. This takes the form of better mortgage interest rates.

Foreign Policy

Roosevelt’s foreign policy agenda consists of “the policy of the good neighbor,” which focuses on respecting the rights and freedoms of other countries.

Concluding Statement

The common ground for both leaders was the acknowledgment that government intervention and support was necessary to revitalize their respective damaged economies. They differ when it comes to how they perceive the power of their position, wherein Roosevelt emphasized the use of systems and institutions while Hitler’s point of view focused on the government being the center of operations.

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