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An Idea of a Television Show Overview

I have recently watched several programs and series on stream, and I am impressed by collaborations with the Walt Disney Company and NBCUniversal. I am one of its biggest fans, but also, I am a passionate writer and want to propose to the Hulu team an idea for a TV show.

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New York, four people, four different lives: recent graduate rented together with one apartment and became friends despite various backgrounds. The comedy-drama with three young girls and a guy who moved to New York to fulfill aspirations and challenge the existing structures in big corporations and small startups, find love, and be successful in their ways.

One girl works as a consultant at a big firm, where she faces moral dilemmas of helping big organizations that use the law against simple people. It is hard for her to be a woman of color to change the view of partners on the direction of the firm’s work and face disrespectful behavior from other colleagues. This girl’s path is connected to a fight against racially motivated violence that she experienced before and still has sometimes at the consulting firm. The second girl is a social activist that works at a bar and has a YouTube blog, where she shares her opinion on sustainability, ecological, and social issues. She is not afraid to get into the most dangerous places to find information about production facilities or go to the streets with other activists, which leads to her problems with police and misunderstandings with parents, who wanted her to have a “normal” career path.

The guy works as a marketing manager for a fashion brand and most of the time spends with beautiful girls at parties and does not want to think about responsibilities in life, which other tenants at the apartment point out. He lives a life of freedom, financial support, and can charm any girl; however, he has issues with alcohol that might jeopardize their career and social life. The fourth girl has an excellent educational background. She is working hard to develop a career on the top management team of a startup that revolutionized social media interaction and the spread of news. Despite her efforts, the girl cannot achieve what she wants while her boss tells her that she lacks the luck to progress further. At the same time, she has a relationship with a manager from senior management of the company that presents an issue for her lover; together, they try to overcome the need to hide their link.

The blend of characters presents a great opportunity to raise lots of questions that reflect American cultural values. Hulu streaming service has different audiences, which can find it appealing to watch the challenges, conflicts, and successes of people who live in an ever-changing time in the US. The digitalization of shows and entertainment can be reflected in the show in voting on social media for show’s heroes’ decisions and changes of a plot that present audiences’ majority of opinions as fans influence the spread of news about series (Oswald, 2018). TV shows and movies also impact people’s social behavior because they show the realities sharply and indicate trends that are essential for audiences (Rothwell, 2019). Shows, such as the Morning Show, Sex Education, The House of Cards, have influenced open discussions about harassment, political issues, social changes. The show about young adults that face the same trendy issues can inspire people to be more decisive and sometimes change their opinion.


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