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Analysis of Homelessness in California


Thesis: Homelessness in California is a leading social problem due to high housing prices and increasing psychological and medical issues.

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Terms: unemployment, homelessness, social initiatives, responsibility, government agencies.

A cause-and-effect strategy for writing an expanded definition was used:

Social initiatives are a set of measures proposed by society to introduce any changes. It is a mechanism to improve the quality of services in the social sphere and is realized by initiating new ideas and strategies. Social initiatives are a natural response in a society that demands change because of deteriorating conditions and quality of life. Once initiatives have emerged, the community recycles these ideas and implements them in a new way that leads to solutions to current problems.

This term can be used by the opposition side to indicate the non-initiative nature of society. However, it would be a cover-up and manipulation because it does not reflect reality. In addition, the word initiative itself may carry negative connotations if misused. Opponents of social change usually rely on the government for everything, and the word initiative, especially among conservative people, has a disparaging sense.

Social Initiatives and Homelessness

Relating to homelessness as a social conflict, it can be stated that social initiatives are a factor in its resolution because of their focus and coherence. California’s community pushes society and government to solve the problem by applying a new cultural mission to them (Liu et al. 85). Social initiatives manifest themselves in creating support groups, voluntary funding, and volunteering. In addition, social initiative community leaders negotiate with social service organizations (medical and legal) to help the homeless.

Homelessness is a social problem for several reasons: unemployment, high housing prices, and a general decline in human health. The socially relevant idea in homelessness is access to housing, jobs, and equal pay based on self-worth and human rights. Initiatives result from an independent decision, so social activism becomes a natural extension of the idea. All segments of the population are involved in the problem of homelessness, which exacerbates the need for independent action on the part of society. They are implemented through social programs, which are especially important for the homeless: many need qualified medical care and minimum unemployment benefits.

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