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Analyzing Modern Art: Works Comparison

The standards for art changed over the centuries from strict and proportionate to daring and distorted. Today people choose what to accept as a masterpiece based on the work’s originality, presentation, and cost. Most viewers would feel uncomfortable in the art gallery if they could voice their personal opinion. Others may consider them narrow-minded, uneducated, or intolerant to the types of art that are different from someone’s subjective point of view. As a result, modern paintings vary significantly as strict standards no longer apply to the creative people of the present time.

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Rainy evening by Slava Ilyayev

Slava Ilyaev is a modern painter who works with vibrant colors using the palette knife. Rainy evening is one of his paintings depicting dark silhouettes of people on a red, yellow, and blue background. The composition catches viewers’ attention through contrast and slightly blurry outlines of trees, couples, and reflections on the wet road. Ilyayev creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere of the cozy evening with much light present in his work. Every couple in the image seems to be attracted by the white center in the background (Ilyayev, 2016). The colors are not realistic; they are too rich to be a part of a human world with problems, deadlines, and negativity. Instead, Slava’s painting spreads the feeling of magic, fairy tale, and coziness. Although the artist has numerous works with a similar theme and looking at all of them one-by-one may become monotonous, his simple forms and patchy technique blend in a curious combination that create a pleasant and understandable emotion in most of the viewers.

Thirteen cunny Zyloprim zucchini recipe by Petra Cortright

In contrast with Ilyayev’s works, some modern art causes more confusion and frustration than aesthetic pleasure. One example of such paintings is Thirteen cunny Zyloprim zucchini recipe by another modern artist, Petra Cortright. The name of the work already shows the author’s indifference toward the public’s understanding of her creation: the idea of an author is more important than emotions experienced by the viewers. The painting itself is digital on anodized aluminum; Cortright experiments with modern materials and technologies. On the one hand, it is expected in creative professions such as an artist or designer. On the other hand, once again, the creator’s desire to try new techniques and instruments seems to overrule the purpose of showing beautiful images to the public.

Cortright placed several oval and irregular shapes of different, seemingly non-harmonized colors on a square background. According to the name of the artwork, some of them may be zucchinis. Even with the help of imagination, it would be challenging for a person with a non-artistic mind to see the vegetables in yellow and blue shapes the artist chose to show (Cortright, 2019). Overall, the painting is similar to a small child’s creation, when a picture in their mind cannot be expressed on paper since the appropriate motoric skills are not yet developed. Unfortunately, many modern artworks were created for the authors to express themselves and make a statement instead of sharing a beautiful masterpiece with the world.


Artists may choose their path, inspiration, style, models, and general aim. Viewers can select what creative works they value and appreciate. Unfortunately, neither group is independent of fashion trends that dictate popular tastes and demands. People need support, common points, and motivation from other members of society. It is relatively rare when modern talented artists’ goal is to share the harmonized beauty of their creation with an understanding and appreciative public.


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