Ando’s, Scarpa’s, Rietveld’s Architecture & Design

Since the beginning of the 20th century, all the cultural aspects have undergone some drastic changes in their approaches and comprehension of art in general. Even though there is usually a bigger concern over the variations in art and literature, the approaches to architecture and design have also changed significantly. Some of the most outstanding interior designers of the 20th century are Tadao Ando, Carlo Scarpa, and Gerrit Rietveld (Sully, 2012). The purpose of this essay is to dwell upon the style and characteristics of the aforementioned artists’ approaches.

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The style and vision of each of these influential creators are quite different but extraordinary and worth discussing. Regarding the works of Rietveld, it should be mentioned that he was interested in connecting traditional and revolutionary design elements, such as creating sliding and flexible walls which form the 3D effect (Sully, 2012). Rietveld’s works can be justifiably compared to the suprematism art movement of the 20th century.

Carlo Scarpa, on the contrary, tried to find the inspiration for his works in the architecture of the previous centuries rather than creating thoroughly modernistic concepts. His revolutionary innovation, however, was in the usage of textures of various natural materials, such as concrete, marble, or metal (Sully, 2017). Finally, speaking of Asian representatives of modern approaches to interior design, Tadao Ando was one of the most outstanding among them. Ando was inspired by the European Brutalist movement, and he paid much attention to the play of various contrastive concepts (Sully, 2012). The compilation of light and shade or openness and closure creates the specific and recognizable Ando’s style.

To sum everything up, a variety of new styles and approaches to design and architecture is awe-inspiring. The 20th century is important for art development as many artists at the time introduced brand new artistic techniques. Such prolific artists of that time as Tadao Ando, Carlo Scarpa, and Gerrit Rietveld deserve much recognition due to the novelties they brought to modern interior design and today’s popular trends.


Sully, A. (2012). Interior design: Theory and process. London, England: A&C Black.

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