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Animals and Plants in “What Darwin Never Knew” Film

What Did You Learn?

I enjoyed watching the video What Darwin Never Knew, as it profoundly explains and accounts for the relationship between the various animal and plant species. It is well organized and explains the history of Charles Darwin chronologically, stating how he gained his interest in knowing the nature of different world species. It also provides details of Charles Darwin from his childhood to adulthood and how he influenced the world of evolution science. Diagrams, photographs, and short documentary films of various species are used in the video, making it more exciting and appealing. The film is thus reliable in studying the genetic composure of various classes and information about the source of the variants and similarities in animal and plant types.

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From the movie, I understand that nature has a common origin for plant and animal species. I also appreciate how the animals distribute themselves globally and adapt to the climatic and natural surroundings. Moreover, different plant and animal species suitably acclimatize to their current environmental conditions. The genetic composure of the animals makes them suitable for their environment (Star Stuff). For instance, desert animals are well developed to prevent excessive loss of water from their bodies.

The film identifies similarities and differences in the composure of the distinctive features of animals and plants. From such detailed research, I agree that animals have similar origins because their bodies are identical components. The video helps me acknowledge the role of deoxyribonucleic acid in the structure of bodies of various species.

Was The Documentary factual?

The video is very intriguing because it uses scientifically proven facts. It utilizes images of various birds to explain the multiple adaptations towards their feeding methods based on their environment. Moreover, biological facts state that animal bodies consist of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules that give distinct features depending on the creature’s surroundings. It is factual that the arrangement of the DNA molecules is responsible for the distinctive features of various species (Ladoukakis 7). The video is satisfactory because it gives detailed DNA characteristics and how the molecule’s structure causes variation between animals of the same kind.

According to the film, the methodology employed in the research is scientific and explains the source of the variations. The researchers used fieldwork to study the relationship between individual species and utilized laboratory equipment to study the DNA structure of the animals. The use of the scientific approach in the research indicates that the data gained from it is factual. Additionally, the video also uses various scientists to make the arguments making the video to be peer-reviewed. Since most of the participants in the research agree with the ideas derived from the research within the video, I consider the data to be factual.

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