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Animation Art from Pencil to Pixels


Animation is the art of displaying a rapid sequence of motion in an art form where the path is generated, and images are created in either 2D or 3D, to different positions which are modeled to create characters who are made to create an illusion of movement or action. This rapid movement of the changing position creates an impact of optical illusion of motion as a result of phenomena called persistence of vision. This effect can be achieved and demonstrated in many techniques as used by Disney, Pixar, or for simple computer-based animation using workstations. The various form of animations used in the world today is motion picture animation or video animation, with a dramatic push towards the generation of computer graphics and animation using powerful workstations. The field of animation has undergone an exemplary transformation in the 20th century and few names are worth taking into consideration in the light of the animation curve which made its mark at the turn f the century. The field of animation cannot be critically evaluated without highlighting some of the exemplary movies of different genres which evolved with the evolution of technology. The animation giants are Disney, Pixar, and some present-age animation revealing short stories.

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Pixar – My First Animation

This is a very modern and effective animation, the very first animation in which the lamp is presented as a live character responding to a stimulus, from the source of light. The characterization of the Lamp is a unique and fresh concept, the wire acting in animation as the tail of the character adds a great touch of realism to the animation and the real power of animation comes from a focus on the light and the spotlight animation of the light source. The flexibility of the character is very controlled and natural almost giving the lamp a real-life projection. The movement path of the lamp is very skillfully controlled with good control of the jump motion. There is no jerkiness and the smooth movements add a touch of grace which makes animation a very engaging piece of work.

Let us examine the animation based on three criteria’s the process type, the effect of animation, and the story of animation. These three dimensions of analysis will provide a very comprehensive critical analysis of the animation.

In this animation, the process of generating the animation is computer animation and various stages have been developed to create the concept, the character, and finally the motion path. The concept is the strength of the animation where the simple everyday object is taken to creatively present the animation in which a simple lamp becomes a communicative character. The sole focus is on the character –the lamp and what makes it respond to stimuli.

The effect of the animation is very direct and engaging for the viewer which can relate to the message very clearly without any distraction, not even music. It is a simple sporty lamp, responding to stimuli. The simplicity of the background, the focus on the character, and the animated movements bring life to an inanimate object. The lamp comes alive, interactive, and full of life.

The story is the simple story of a lonely lamp that responds to the stimuli of light and there is the very cute interplay of the spotlight and the inherent light of the lamp. The elegant moves captured by twists and turns are almost dance-like and melodious, in motion. Though there is no music, the real strength of the animation is the spotlight, which leads the character and also controls the animation. The background is consistent provides a solid wooden floor for the lyrical movement of the lamp The zoom used to focus on the self is a very effective tool, for bringing the audience within the framework of the animated character. It seems like it is the story of the lamp in love with itself, expressing it with joy, movement, and steady focus on self, ending in sweet surrender. The quiver felt by the angular spine support and the subtle movement of the tail (wire) is so sensitive and touching. This is the skill of vivid observation and penetrative imagination.

It is very effective animation from the standpoint of all the angles of content, process, the medium chosen and the story told. My only limitation seems to be animation is very short, almost looking for continuation, of what next… The animation could have been closed with more final conclusive touch.

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Evergreen – Beautiful music video

This is a very inspiring animation with beautifully integrated music. The opening is so dark and serene, with a character of deer in very passive and music so enticing. The imagery speaks of the very high level of mastery in animation. The character of the deer is so realistic and the landscape is powerful and moving. The scenes move from one to another in a very smooth transition.

This animation is almost movie-like and reminds me of Disney’s Bambi, The movement of the deer from the dark to color is very beautifully executed. The background changes with the mood and the words of the music. The music is the heart and the soul of the animation, and the character is the visual force that brings alive the words to vision. The most touching part of the animation is when the deer gathers the green seed and runs to drop it in the ocean which marks the transformation in the imagery from dark serene to colorful and vibrant.

The animation can be classed as very intellectual with very skillful use of video and computer animation to create an almost Disney-like effect just with a song. The technique used is of animated background where the movement is very well timed and synchronized with the music, words, and the character action. It is a very sensitive animation with many long and short takes of an animated background. The real power in the animation is imagery and colors. The transitions are very well tied in with the speed of animation. The change is so dynamic and magical, the pace with which the colors spring up like leaves and vines from the ocean with fresh greenery and colorful flowers is truly enticing. It is a very deep level of animation where many effects are integrated to create the movie like mood and realistic expression.

The effect of the animation is very soothing and calming, with a message of hope which outshines all other aspects of the animation. The animation is inspiring with a very good integration of music and animation and video. The inspiration of the story and the magic of the music and the power of the colors is very pleasing to the visual and the sensual experience of the animation. The animation leaves its imprint on the mind which is fresh and hopeful.

The story is very closely integrated with the song, and the character of the deer leads the audience from darkness and despair to intelligent decision-making of transforming his world with his choice of action. He intelligently in the most captivating moment in the animation gathers the seed, on the nose and place it in the ocean which transforms the world of barren trees, dark woods, and depressive colors into a world of vibrant colors, new life, and energy. It’s just beautiful and inspiring.

20th-century fox 1978

This is an animation that is very high-end animation which is an expression of dynamic motion, a very good understanding of motion and light, and a 3D effect that is integrated with powerful music. This animation has been the banner of Fox TV. For a long time, still the original version has not been modified much, as it is such a good concept, very well thought out animation, and excellent use of animated lights.

The real strength of the animation is the logo, it is an animated logo with high-end rendering using the most powerful animation tools. The concept of the logo is the main force around which the entire animation is developed using high-end rendering and lighting effects. The use of 3D is very effective and the choice of gold is very classy. The dynamic use of lights is done with intelligent precision, which leads the audience straight to the logo.

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The effect of the animation has been felt by the audiences for decades and still, it entices people into the image generated by Fox. The animation shows the grandeur with which the company is associated, a grand journey to imagination and entertainment. The lights representing the projection lights of the movie give the movie touch to the logo, which speaks volumes about the company. Animation truly reflects the story of Fox TV.

The animation reflects the solidarity and the grand image which Fox maintains in the entertainment world. The solid 3D rendering and the powerful use of lights and motion truly reflect everything the company stands for. It tells the story of the company’s success, golden period, and dynamic role. It was an innovative and enterprising move towers 3D animation in the 1970s.

The Cheese Trap

This is a very lively and entertaining animation with colorful and modern appeal. The color and the background provide a very colorful mood where the story of two mice chasing the cheese, led into the trap is very skillfully presented through lots of well thought and integrated motion strategies. The real strength of the animation lies in the two mouse characters and the well-thought-out background which remains consistent throughout the animation.

This animation is a new age animation presented as a computer-generated image but has almost clay animation type effect. The animation is very lively with colorful use of childlike background and two characters which are very well mounded. The role of the chase has been very well molded into the motion path leading the characters to their destination. The energy of the characters in following the lead of the cheese is amazingly and interestingly navigated.

The effect of the animation is energizing and engaging as the interesting tuning of the characters, their movement within the playhouse kind of setting with slides and trails is very dynamic. The message of the cheese trap, leading the innocent mouse to the trap is very carefully planned and executed. There is a natural flow and very innocent appeal about the two mouse characters, which is in harmony with the message of innocent people trapped by a lure.

The animation presents a very moral story of innocent characters being trapped by a lure which is presented by the cheese. The colorful background re-emphasizes that the story is about two innocent mice playfully following a very active cheese and falling into the trap.

The animation though appeals because of its color choice which is in harmony with the message, can also be said that may lack appeal for a mature audience who may dismiss the animation and item serious message under its childlike presentation. The last scene with the expression d the first close up of the characters is mot effective.


These three cases present the use of the technique of animation since it was first recognized as a dynamic field of study in entertainment and technology. Today animation enjoys a very hybrid and prestigious position that has clearly crossed the barriers which restrict the field to anyone criterion. It is a beautiful integration of art and creativity with the science of filmmaking and computer technology. It is a very careful observation of real things in real life and presenting an illusion of that on digital and video mode using frames, motion, and sequence. It is an art with scientific calculation and penetrative insight into how things work in real life. It is most certainly an art of illusion using artistic skill and integrating it with technical skills.

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