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Fashion in Architecture: Museum of Architectural Fashion


Fashion is the motor of our life. Everyone tries to follow it and imitate. People got used to the thought that fashion can be observed only in clothes. Fashion and clothes are two inseparable notions which are analyzed together. But it should be noted that the world of building, construction and architecture cannot exist without fashion. It means that every period in the history can be characterized by certain features and peculiarities in fashion which are compulsory reflected in buildings of that period.

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The fashion in the sphere of architecture draws a line between modern fashion designs and contemporary fashion. It is important to stress that modern designers always try to borrow different techniques devoted to know how in modern fashion. The project under analysis is aimed at architecture building construction in Hong Kong which can reflect the tendency of contemporary fashion.

Main body

The idea is to create an architectural museum which will reflect all the peculiarities of the national architecture and contain architectural models of different periods: beginning with ancient times and up to contemporary novelties in this sphere. Fashion of Hong Kong is unique and individual. One can hardly find anywhere such buildings as one can enjoy in this country. The project will be aimed at the construction of a fashionable museum center updating everyone as to the latest novelties in the sphere of architecture development. The basic theme of the project is to show the peculiarities of the architectural style of the country, to underline its uniqueness and individuality.

The building project will contain the main features of the national culture of Hong Kong but will be updated and reflected in fashion. It should be stressed that the construction model will have only two stores: one store will be situated above grade and another one underground. Such designing project of the building will allow two show the line between the fashion of the previous centuries and the contemporary one. The material used in the project will be the glass for the upper level and the marble – for another store reflecting ancient times of architecture in fashion. People from different countries will have an opportunity to learn the development of Hong Kong Architecture through different historical periods and evaluate modern designs of contemporary sculptures.

Proposed site for the project should be urban area. To be more exact, the perfect place is The New Territories of Hong Kong. This area is broad enough and it is not so difficult to find vacant space here. Besides the architectural building can be situated not far from Sam Tum Uk Museum and Ping Shan Heritage Trial. This area is considered to be full of sights, so the project of the fashionable museum of architecture should be located here. The New Territories of Hong Kong is one of the most attractive parts of the city and crowds of tourists can be found predominantly in this place.

Architectural theme of the project will concern the involvement into the national fashion of the country in order to learn it thoroughly and become a part of it. The main idea is to combine the fashion and the architecture together and prove that they can function as one whole. The building will reflect fashionable features of two different epochs in the history of cultural development underlining their differences and peculiarities of fashion tendencies existing in different periods of time. The project will allow to see the contrast between the ancient architecture and the modern one.

General demand of the population can be satisfied with the help of the project fulfillment. The construction unit of the project will be regarded as the monument of fashion and as a result it can attract a great amount of tourists from all around the world. Architects and designers working for the project will contribute all their knowledge of the culture and customs of the country for them to rich the goal of the project.

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This project was selected because of the great interest in the culture of Hong Kong. It should be stressed that for its fulfillment it was necessary to examine literature sources covering the peculiarities of the national contemporary fashion. The great interest in the novelties of the country architecture developed new skills and knowledge in many spheres of social life such as construction, culture, fashion, ethics and history.

The project under consideration will fulfill the function of the combination of fashion and architecture reflecting all stages their development and gradation.

Literature Review

The thesis of the work discovers the important elements of fashion. The author underlined the fact that fashion is the way of self expression of every person and it does not matter what sphere of life it covers. The basic idea of the work lies in the novelties in the world of fashion and their peculiarities of social functioning. The author strived to create the background of computational fashion. He touches the sphere of technology highlighting the fact that this field goes in pace with time and fashion as all other spheres of our life.

The author of the article devoted the material to the special Chanel party in Hong Kong. He wanted to show the main features of the art in fashion. The data underlines and demonstrates the some art novelties describing their uniqueness and individuality. The article showed the description of the national art figures grabbing attention of the population of the country.

The article is devoted to the construction model of a bank which is character of a country and carries a national modern manner. The author of the article tried to underline the contemporary motives of fashionable building spread in Hong Kong. Shungai Bank is considered to be an example of the modern architecture of the country.


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