Ann Fudge as a New CEO of Y&R and Her Management

Five-Factor Model Applied to Ann Fudge, the CEO of Y&R

Ann Fudge’s management style is open, which makes it easy for her subordinates to collaborate with her. She is positive and receptive to new ideas her workers propose, and this inspires them to perform better. She encourages her staff to be creative at their work which makes them perform well. She is conscientious as she depends on the collective efforts of her staff to achieve the set objectives. Ann’s emphasis on teamwork has made workers in her firm to be more committed.

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This makes her a model of effective business leadership. She is extraverted because she took a sabbatical from work for two years. This shows that she is able to take up new interests which are different from her normal career. The sabbatical rejuvenated her energy and improved her abilities as a leader. She is agreeable, and this has helped her build strong relationships with both her employees and customers. She has travelled widely and managed to interact well with Y&R employees in different parts of the world. Her neuroticism is shown by the long hours she spends working to ensure that Y&R stays competitive.

The Components of Creative Intelligence Critical for Ann Fudge’s Success

Ann Fudge’s synthetic ability makes her value the input of her employees in making Y&R prosperous. She encourages them to be creative in the way they perform their duties at work. She easily interacts with her subordinates who are able to propose to her new ideas without fear. Her focus on innovation has increased the firm’s revenues. Her analytic intelligence reversed the negative performance Y&R had started to experience. She is more involved in the activities of her organisation outside the office.

This has made it easy for her to understand the firm’s operations and how they affect its competitiveness. Ann’s practical intelligence is seen through her achievements in her current designation as well as her previous one in Kraft Foods.

She encourages her employees to practise teamwork, creativity and quality customer service. She has changed the organisational culture in Y&R to be more focused on client satisfaction and the provision of quality services. Ann spends most of her time in the office because of her passion and will to succeed. Her management approach has helped the firm to satisfy the needs of its clients in the market. The firm has been able to register good performance under her direction.

Benefits of Ann Fudge’s Sabbatical

Ann’s decision to take a sabbatical helped to revitalise her career. She was able to rest and do other activities that were less cumbersome than her work. She got personal satisfaction from alternative activities she did while away from work. A sabbatical helps a leader to reflect on the direction of his life and career. A leader can have adequate time to plan ahead on what he wants to achieve and how he wants to achieve it. A sabbatical helps a leader to avoid negative effects of a burn out caused by strenuous work schedules.

A leader that takes a sabbatical may become ineffective if he stays too long away from work. A leader that spends a lot of time in a sabbatical may return to find the industry environment different from the way he left it. It can become difficult for such a leader to adapt to the new environment. A leader who opts for a sabbatical when the company is facing serious problems may be seen as incapable and unable to handle his responsibilities.

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