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Work Environment and Organizational Culture

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Human Resource Management (HRM) provides a deeper understanding of the importance of careful identification of staff who will add value to an organization. Singh and Gopalakrishna explain that HRM directly impacts the productivity and profitability of a company in two ways (52). The first is by identifying the right candidates for the job descriptions created. Arguably, the right people will be able to finish tasks effectively.

Additionally, they would save resources. Secondly, HRM affects a company’s ability to make profits by limiting the amount of money wasted in employee turnover. It is important to note that HRM also involves employee relations, work environment, and organizational culture. Thus, the human resource department is tasked to ensure that all employees have the right tools to complete their tasks, work in a favorable environment, and growth-oriented culture.

The concept of Human Resource Management has been tied to security breaches over the years as well. There have been questions on how HRM may help to avoid security breaches. Hauff et al. explain that one way in which HRM can be used to deter hackers and data breaches is through capacity building (716). Training staff on data breaches and ways they can avoid being hacked is essential in promoting security.

Obeidat adds that HR can encourage a culture of compliance in their organization to ensure fewer chances of being hacked (1281). Therefore, HR should work with the IT and legal departments of the organization to come up with policies on taking work home and using portable electronic devices such as laptops away from the office. Such policies should then be explained to all employees to ensure compliance.

As mentioned previously, it is also important for HR to ensure that they hire the right people. This is because employees are the first target for hackers. It is common to find that employee credentials or devices were used to create an entry point into a company’s system. Hiring the right people who will adhere to compliance rules and policies and who will not be tempted to sell out information that might lead to hacking is crucial. As mentioned, training is important to ensure that employees understand how to protect themselves from possible hacking. Further, training should be scheduled often due to the changing nature of technology and hacking.

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