Ann Fudge’s Success in Y&R Company’s Management

The personality of Ann Fudge can be analyzed by using the Five-Factor Model (FFM) that is often used to describe the behavior of an individual. First of all, one can say that she is open to new experiences and ideas. This is one of the reasons why she pays attention to the opinions of employees and their recommendations. Moreover, she was willing to travel in order to acquire new experiences (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2005, p. 249).

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One should also pay attention to such a dimension of FFM as conscientiousness. Ann Fudge is a very organized person who always takes time in order to do what she planned before. Additionally, it should be noted that she is an extraverted or outgoing individual who does not to be reserved or secluded. This is why she does not focus only on paperwork; instead, she attaches importance to communication with her colleagues (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2005, p. 249).

Another dimension of FFM is agreeableness or a person’s ability to empathize with other people and cooperate with them. Ann Fudge pays attention to teamwork and wants to recruit the smartest employees as her followers. Finally, one has to speak about such a criterion as neuroticism. It is possible to argue that this leader is a confident individual who does not often give way to emotions or get nervous. This confidence is also important for a corporate executive. So, these are the main character traits of Ann Fudge.

Researchers distinguish several aspects or components of intelligence, such as synthetic ability or analytic intelligence. In order to explain Ann Fudge’s success, one should discuss these components contributed to her progress in the workplace. First of all, one should speak about practical intelligence that enables a person to apply knowledge in order to find new solutions to existing problems. This is why she organized the teamwork in such a way that employees could participate in the decision-making and share their ideas with corporate executives (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2005, p. 249).

Moreover, she did not want to become a “remote leader” who was separated from the workers (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2005, p. 249). This strategy enabled her to improve the performance of the company. Moreover, it is important to mention synthetic ability that helps a person to look at things from a different perspective and identify new connections between concepts. Ann Fudge understands the importance of synthetic ability. It should be noted that she took a two-year sabbatical in order to take a new look at her career and company (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2005, p. 249). Overall, practical intelligence and synthetic ability helped this leader achieve success in the workplace.

The sabbatical that Ann Fudge took is also worth attention. As it has been said before, this vacation enables a leader to reevaluate the company’s strategies and develop new ways of resolving the problem. He/she can approach organizational policies in a more creative way. These are the benefits of such a break. Nevertheless, one should take into account that there are significant disadvantages to such behavior.

The thing is that economic, political, or legal environment can change dramatically within several years. A leader should also keep track of market trends and the actions of competitors. One cannot easily do it during a sabbatical. Thus, business administrators should consider the benefits and drawbacks of such behavior.

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