Annoying and Obnoxious Person’ Description

There is a sort of people who are unable to make decisions and who have gotten used to relying on other people any time they face problems. They are reluctant to look at the problem from a different angle and think over possible solutions. I have met such people many times and I believe that these people are hard to change because independent thinking should be shaped since childhood. Otherwise, they will sooner or later realize that they cannot make choices; even more, they will not want to make choices. Living with reliance on somebody else is less problematic than encountering challenges, considering problems, and making decisions. What is more threatening is that such type of people is reluctant to take responsibilities for their actions.

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Such people have several typical characteristics. To begin with, such people look very unprotected and exposed to various dangers and threats so that anyone indifferent to his/her problems will inevitability be caught in this trap. Because they are unable to face difficulties, such people often lack experience in solving problems and making important choices. They often blame others for their problems. Despite the reluctance to face problems, they are good communicators and negotiators because they need this skill to hunt other people they need. This is at least one positive moment about them. All these qualities apply to my case as well.

On my way to college, I was enjoying the weather and I did not want this moment to fade away. However, when I approached the college, all my dreams and deliberations were gone as soon as I met Tommy who was bidding me help with home assignments. He was so persuasive in his arguments concerning his inability to perform all tasks that I decided to help him. I told him that this is the last time I agreed to help him since people cannot always rely on others.

There should a sort of responsibility for his own life. However, later I regretted helping Tommy since the next day he was chasing me with the same requests and promising that this was the last time. I realized that the help I offered was not useful for Tommy at all. I soon noticed that I was not the only person who helped him out from difficult situations. Tommy always seemed hopeless in his attempt to do anything by himself. Therefore, all he did well was surrounding himself with people who were ready to solve his problems.

So, if you are lucky to meet such a person, you should not be tempted to help such people because this is the worst thing you can do. You should be wise enough to make this person think over his problem and provide possible solutions. Further, try to be calm and indifferent to show that responsibility is an obligatory thing that each person should have for his actions. Do not let such persons do anything regarding the challenges they encounter because it can worsen the situation.

Many people can be annoying and obnoxious. I believe this type of person is the brightest representative of the kind. Tommy is always a follower with no personal opinion and responsibilities. Certainly, there will be people who will offer their assistance, but your task is to stand them and help them solve the problems independently.

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