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Apple Desktop Mini Product Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

This marketing plan presents the M1 Mac Mini, a revolutionary Mac desktop, the innovative product created by Apple company, which develops and sells computer technology. The company has a long history of development and improvement, and today, Apple products are the most expected, sold out, and recognizable among consumers. Mac Mini is one of the first products with a new chip, M1, designed by Apple. The marketing plan demonstrates that the new product is a unique opportunity to attract more customers and support the company’s leading position in the technology market.

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Product Overview

The company can make a revolution in the field and significantly change the influence of various technology corporations using the processor of its own production. The new processor is designed to speed up the device and make it quiet, which can be critical to the user. At the same time, increasing graphic power will attract gamers, editors, and designers. Processor M1 replaces Intel processors previously used for Apple products and will increase the organization’s competitiveness (Welch, 2020). The first three models on new processors of Apple’s production M1 are: the 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini. Among them, the Mac Mini is the most affordable, so it will be optimal for those who want to buy and test Apple products with M1 and, for this reason, will attract more customers (Bowers, 2021). The new Mac Mini can efficiently work with the keyboard, monitor and mouse, which the customer has and does not require additional purchases.

Marketing Plan Overview and Goal

The plan includes an analysis of the current situation in the industry, through SWOT analysis evaluating the Strengths and Weaknesses of the brand and assessing the potential Opportunities and Threats. As a result, the marketing plan analyzes the company’s market position, provides solutions to the problems, and develops promotion strategies. It increases the organization’s efficiency and competitiveness by attracting more customers. The stated goals set the course of development and determine the company’s place and its products in the industry’s future. Moreover, the plan presents a roadmap for product promotion, which helps identify resources and tools for this task. The current project allows determining the timing of the functions and the company’s budget allocation. Thus, the marketing plan’s goal is to guide achieving short-term and long-term purposes to promote Apple Desktop Mini, which contains an analysis and a set of actions necessary for high sales.

Apple offers Apple Desktop Mini for customers who want to test the new M1 processor and get high performance at an affordable price. Thanks to the company’s unique position on the market, it can quickly establish relationships with online and physical hardware stores to reach customers. Following this plan, the company offers the best solutions for clients using a creative approach. With the release of the M1 Mac Mini and a new processor, M1, company’s customers will be able to have the best at an affordable price.


Obtaining Resources

The necessary resources imply the required skills and talents to implement the plan:

  1. Project Management. The marketing plan implementation should be led by a project manager who can track progress, tasks sequence and solve potential problems that impede performance.
  2. Technical skills and social media management. Employees should bring users to the company’s pages and website to draw attention to the product using SEO, CSS, and other tools.
  3. Create ad content. To conduct practical and attractive advertising companies, a team of designers, authors of advertising texts, and videographers are needed.
  4. Negotiation. The project manager and their deputies must make agreements on advertising distribution through various channels on favorable terms.
  5. Research, analysis, and evaluation. Part of the marketing team should focus on analyzing the target audience and their consumer behavior, market conditions, and the success of the current plan implementation.

Marketing Organization

The marketing department in large corporations is also essential as well as such components of the company’s organizational structure as production, financial department, and human resources management. Division employees report to the Chief marketing officer (CMO) responsible for strategic planning and all activities, plan compliance, and office management. The marketing and advertising manager oversees the ad creation team and negotiates the distribution of materials. The analyst conducts the necessary research and evaluates the effectiveness of advertising. CEO, designer, copywriter, and programmer, which is the team responsible for creating and managing advertising content. Therefore, the tasks necessary for the implementation of the plan are distributed among the specified employees.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Task Term Responsible employee
Gathering and informing the department about the new project, assignment of tasks 1 day CMO
Checking availability of necessary resources and tools to perform their tasks 1 day All employees
Providing missing tools to the team 2 Days CMO
Development of the advertising company concept 10 days Marketing and advertising manager
Creating the basis for advertising using CEO and SMM tools 5 days CEO specialist
Writing texts and scripts for various types of advertising and commercials 14 days Copywriter
Creating graphics and videos according to the chosen concept 21 days Designer and videographer
Negotiation of advertising distribution through different channels 14 days Marketing and advertising manager
Develop and support advertising paths through the company’s channels, support site updates 14 days Programmer
Marketing plan success analysis 3 Days Analyst


Comparing goals and results

To evaluate the marketing plan’s effectiveness for promoting the M1 Mac Mini, analysts need to compare the goals indicated in the program and the actual results. The assessment should be carried out in three directions:

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  • Sales Analysis means a comparison of the planned number of items sold to the actual sales volume.
  • Market Share Analysis implies a comparison of sales volumes with competitors in the same segment to determine the company’s competitiveness and growth rate in the market.
  • Financial Analysis is estimating the costs and benefits of implementing a marketing plan.

Taking Measures on Deviations Between Goals and Results

According to the analysis results, the department will act to improve its work. Financial analysis and sales analysis, showing low performance compared to the goals set, will imply a weakness of the plan. In this case, it will be required to analyze the errors and draw up a new plan. With the high performance of these areas of analysis, the plan’s strengths are highlighted, and employees rely on them when creating new strategies and advertising companies.

Market share analysis also provides a significant scale of information for the improvement and development of the company. The reasons for the decrease in the share may be the loss of buyers and a reduction in the number of purchases. Accordingly, the increase indicates a growth in the number of buyers and their purchases. Depending on the analysis’s results, the necessary actions will also be to find errors or strengths and adjust the plan.


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Welch, C. (2020). Apple Mac Mini with M1 review: Over-performer. The Verge.

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