52 Apple Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Apple

  1. Promotion and Advertising Strategies Used by Apple and Samsung
    The paper will be examining the similarities and differences of the promotional strategies applied by two firms competing in the Smartphones market.
  2. Apple Inc. Business Strategy
    This paper analyzes the strategies put in place by Apple Inc. to survive tough economic times. It also proposes some latent strategies to improve its future economic outlook.
  3. Apple Computer Inc.: Maintaining the Music Business
    Apple Computer Company is an organization that deals with electronic goods. While promoting its products, Apple Computer, Inc. has expanded its market globally.
  4. Teaming of Starbucks and Apple Corporation
    Starbucks, the world’s greatest coffee-producing company preferred to team up with another corporation and has chosen Apple Corporation as its key partner.
  5. Apple Stores Analysis
    Even though Apple became known by dint of their products, its stores, and the positive environment in them allowed the company to achieve success and win customer loyalty.
  6. Apple Company’s Business Ethics
    This paper reviews Apple Corporation with regard to the way it handles its ethics and social responsibilities. It also looks at the role of suppliers and their effects on Apple Corporation.
  7. Apple Corporation Ethical and Social Responsibility
    The report aims at finding out whether practicing strong business ethics and good corporate social responsibility has an impact on the operations of Apple.
  8. Apple’s iPhone and Consumer Behavior
    Apple Inc. has been realizing improved profits obtained from sales of iPhone products since its inception in 2007.
  9. Apple Inc.’s Sustainability and Improvement Areas
    This paper is going to assess the sustainability strategies that Apple, Inc. deploys and enlist possible points for improvement.
  10. Apple Company Returns and Earnings
    The paper analyzes the returns and quarterly earnings of Apple Inc. The company is a component of the S&P 500 index. The analysis will be carried out for a period of 5 years.
  11. The Article: Target Hires Supply Chain Executive From Apple
    The Target Hires Supply Chain Executive From Apple article by Loretta Chao concerns the appointment of Benjamin Cook as a Target Corporation senior vice president.
  12. Apple’s Broken Promises: BBC Documentary
    The documentary Apple’s Broken Promises by BBC considers operations of Apple’s suppliers, violations of people’s rights and Apple’s attitude towards these violations.
  13. Apple and Procter & Gamble Companies’ Product Portfolio
    The essay compares product portfolio management at Apple Inc. and Procter & Gamble Company using theoretical concepts and perspectives of product portfolio management.
  14. Apple Stores vs. Microsoft Stores
    The purpose of the study based on comparing the performance of Apple and Microsoft retail stores in terms of the observed consumer behavior, retailer behavior, and associated analytics and sales.
  15. Apple vs. Samsung: Companies Business Strategies Comparison
    Both Apple and Samsung companies are in the electronics industry with specialty in mobile and computer technologies. Apple’s business strategies are different and depend on product models.
  16. Apple vs Samsung Companies’ Operational Strategies
    Samsung and Apple are the two world’s largest producers of Smartphones. These companies have adopted operational strategies that are different from each other.
  17. Apple Store and Microsoft Store’ History
    In 2009, the first Microsoft retail stores were opened in Arizona. The first Apple retail store was opened in Virginia, in 2001, in the context of a new business strategy promoted.
  18. Apple Company’s Teamwork Benefits
    Apple is a successful corporation that embraces teamwork. The benefits of teamwork are evident in areas of innovation, product development, and employee relations.
  19. Apple’s Suppliers: Pegatron, Foxconn, Quanta, BYD
    The prioritization of Apple Inc.’s suppliers occurs in agreement with the most valuable and high-quality components produced by the outside contractors.
  20. Apple Inc.’s Creativity and Management Balance
    Apple has become one of the iconic companies that have changed the way people think of computers and mobile devices. Steve Jobs was a leader who valued creativity above all.

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  1. Apple Inc.’s Corporate Strategy and Global Ethics
    Apple Inc. is one of the leaders in the sphere of personal computers and other electronic devices globally. The company was established in California in 1977.
  2. Apple Inc.’s Internal and External Strategic Environment
    This paper analyzes Apple’s internal and external environment to determine its strengths and weaknesses using PESTEL, SWOT, and Porter’s Five Forces analytical tools.
  3. Customer Behavior in Apple Stores vs. Microsoft Stores
    The areas of research and goals set for this study include identifying differences between Apple stores and Microsoft stores in terms of customer behavior analytics.
  4. Apple Inc.’s Strategic & Total Quality Management
    The study evaluates the role of strategic planning, management, and leadership in enhancing Total Quality Management and customer satisfaction at the Apple Company.
  5. Apple, Inc.: Financial Reporting Problem
    An evaluation of the financial statement shows that Apple, Inc. reviews intangible assets for impairment. The company does not amortize goodwill and intangible assets that have indefinite useful lives.
  6. Apple Inc.’s and General Motors Company’s Customer Service
    This paper evaluates the methods and quality of customer service at Apple Inc. and General Motors, and its contribution to organizational growth in a competitive environment.
  7. Why Steve Jobs’ Apple Inspires People?
    Jobs and his company have been working towards making the computer user friendly and customized to meet personal needs and taste.
  8. Apple Company’s Strategic Analysis
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze Apple Inc. based on their strategy, their vision and mission, their core competencies and competitive values.
  9. Bandai Pippin Project: Failure of Apple Company
    Bandai Pippin’s project was a major failure of Apple Inc. This paper identifies the communication needs of stakeholders, their role, interest, and influence in the project.
  10. Apple Company: Cargo Security Management
    One of the areas that Apple Inc. has registered success is in cargo security management. In this paper, the focus was to investigate how cargo security management is done within the company.
  11. Apple iPhone Supply Chain
    Apple iPhones are very popular and considered as status symbols. Apple sells more than 250 million units per year.
  12. Apple Company’s Management and Organizational Behavior
    Apple is a company with worldwide popularity. As of 2017, the company ranked #34 in The just 100: America’s best corporate citizens Forbes rating.
  13. Apple Inc.’s Innovation and Simplicity
    Apple Inc. is a technology company that combines the functions of manufacturing and retail businesses. It has a unique strategy promoting constant innovation and simplicity.
  14. Apple Inc. Analysis: Company’s Performance
    Apple Inc. seems to have no insurance from the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation. Moreover, it is said that the company does not maintain insurance coverage.
  15. Apple Inc. Company’s Resources and Position
    For now, Apple has no employees that are represented by labor unions or covered by collective bargaining agreements because they are considered to be unfavorable.
  16. Apple Inc. – Analyzing Company Fundamentals
    Apple company operates on the geographic basis and its trading bloc consists of Americas, Europe, Japan and Retail segment (Apple Stores).
  17. Apple Inc.’s Brand Equity on the Website
    Apple’s website indicates that the marketing strategy focuses more on future endeavors. The company relies on the existing market demands for technologically advancing products.
  18. Apple Inc. in the Retailing of Consumer Electronics
    Apple is a quickly developed brand that focuses on improving the peculiarities of the company’s support of the customers and on providing an effective price policy.
  19. Apple Company: Strategy and Problems Analysis
    Apple company could attain competitiveness if more streamlining is done to weed out unproductive divisions while cutting down on operational costs.
  20. Poster Presentation: Apple in India
    The poster gives a summarized case study of Apple Inc. in India; it is presented to give the full details of the company’s operation in the country.

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  1. Apple, Alphabet, Amazon Companies’ Design and Success
    This paper prepares an executive summary of the strategic and organizational success factors of Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon.
  2. Apple Inc: Main Line, Markets and Performance
    The Apple Inc. sells a wide range of software, networking solutions, applications, and peripherals to creative markets, education, government, SMB enterprise, and individual consumers.
  3. Apple Inc.’s Organizational Behavior Management
    Apple Inc. requires a self-directed work team in order to continue holding the top position as the worlds’ largest producer of electronics.
  4. Apple Watch Product’s Market Segmentation
    The type of segmentation in the case of the Apple Watch is demographic, with customers aged between 20 and 45 being at the center of the targeting.
  5. Apple iPhone: Brand Forecast
    Apple’s iPhone is arguably the most popular and recognizable smartphone on the planet. Since its launch in 2007, the corporation has sold over 1.3 billion iPhones.
  6. Apple Inc.: Marketing Principles and Practice
    The present paper will seek to build on the case of Apple Inc., focusing on the company’s marketing strategy and its role in Apple’s success.
  7. Apple: Organizational Theory
    The essay will outline the organizational profile and provide secondary research on the various problems Apple is facing.
  8. Apple Inc.’s Strategic Leadership and Innovation
    Heracleous and Papachroni explore strategic leadership and innovation at Apple, Inc., performed by Steve Jobs, a founder of the organization.
  9. Apple: Investment Recommendations
    The purpose of this paper is to make investment recommendations about the purchase of stock relying on Apple’s financial performance.
  10. Apple: Organisational Culture, Leadership, and Organisational Change
    This paper includes a detailed analysis of Apples’ organisational culture and structure as well as existing strategies to implement the necessary changes.
  11. Apple Inc.’s Stockholders’ Equity Analysis
    The given memo will analyze Apple’s stockholders’ equity and make recommendations on whether the company should issue the common stock and convertible bonds.
  12. Apple Inc.’s Managerial Accounting Conceptual Model
    The purpose of the give memo is to describe the decision-making process for the innovation to be implemented in Apple.
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