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Multicultural Issues in Leadership

Multicultural issues are quite an essential topic for discussion. This is mainly due to the development of concepts such as diversity and inclusion. An increasing number of employers are ready to hire representatives of different cultures and traditions. However, this factor can also affect the occurrence of various issues related to immigration. Thus, one of the influences of this aspect on my colleagues may be resistance to new cultures. This concept is quite natural since it is necessary to undergo a period of adaptation.

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Another problem that can arise is the relationship between my personal and others’ cultural background. This is due to the same factors that it can be difficult for representatives of different cultures to immediately establish the necessary relationships to work together. However, research shows that “legal obligations, ethical priorities, reputational concerns, and a desire to achieve the performance benefits of a diverse workforce” (Anglim et al., 2019). In addition, some employees may have negative prejudices toward others and resort to stereotyping. This factor can cause such phenomena as racism, conflicts, or physical and moral violence in the workplace.

I believe that increasing cultural awareness has a unique value in modern society. The process of globalization affects the fact that more and more people travel and move to other countries to work. That is why I try to constantly learn something about other cultures through social networks, various films, and videos or through direct communication with representatives of cultures and traditions other than mine. Moreover, in the future, I plan to take part in training on cultural awareness of the importance of diversity in the workplace, as I believe that this knowledge is necessary for any working environment.


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