Aramex Company: Strategic CSR and Sustainability Approach

The main lessons learnt from the Aramex approach to sustainability and strategic CSR are related to the Aramex’s success proving the fact that efficient investment in sustainable CSR gives numerous benefits to the business (“About Aramex” par. 10). The significant role of innovative CSR and sustainability initiatives can be determined based on the SWOT analysis (McDonald, Ward, and Smith 105). The strengths include the company’s ability to grow and minimize revenues loss even in the times of severe economic crisis (Richard Ivey School of Business 4). Besides, the company’s strengths include huge profit and effective partnerships all over the world (Saadi par. 2).

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The weaknesses of the company include lack of effective methods to ensure the promulgation of CSR and sustainability principles in all offices in new locations after the aggressive expansion and growth. The company has numerous opportunities related to the possibility of establishing a unique network of offices of the company across the whole region and out of it. However, these opportunities can be challenged by the threat of losing control over such extensive network and inability to ensure that each office follows the proper CSR and sustainability strategy. The SWOT analysis of the Aramex reveals that the company’s effective CSR strategy has contributed to its development and growth a lot and should be further improved and adjusted to the specifics of the environment of every branch of the services.

Leadership played a major role in the Aramex’s evolution towards adopting an integrated, full-fledged strategic CSR and sustainability approach. Fadi Ghandours, the founder of the company, realized knowledge was the key to success in the industry (Balakrishnan 32). By providing the unique educational activities adjusted to the needs of the company, the Aramex managed to ensure that people supposed to lead the majority of employees towards achieving goals related to CSR and sustainability are capable of doing it at the highest level. Porter’s five force model can be used to demonstrate the efficiency of such approach (Ahlstrom and Bruton 131).

The Supplier Power, Buyer Power, Competitive Rivalry, Threat of Substitution, and Threat of New Entry are rather high in comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions industry. Therefore, the managers capable of ensuring that the employee’s performance satisfies the suppliers’ and buyers’ needs and promotes the company’s strong competitiveness on the market is of vital importance. Besides, well-educated managers can create a highly-qualified workforce possessing unique skills. Company with such leaders is at low risk of facing the threat of substitution or new entries.

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