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Arconas Company Strategies

Company Introduction: General Profile

In this paper, the analysis of the Canadian export corporation, which is called Arconas, is sustained. The official Internet page, which contains the detailed overview of the company operations, is the following link. The business direction, which is embraced by Arconas, concerns the production of furniture and equipment that is used for the airports’ construction. The company follows the needs of multiple international markets and aims at becoming the leading manufacturer of public space equipment. Arconas was originally established as a private corporation, in 1972, in Toronto. Due to its optimal quality characteristics and production sustainability, the manufacturer has rapidly become a top seller of airspace production in Canada.

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Target Markets

Arconas corporation focuses on the global market needs. Specifically, it complies with the airspace requirements of the major American, Canadian, European, and Asian airports. Thus, among the major clients of Arconas, one differentiates Japan International Airport, Washington National Airport, and San Jose International Airport. The critical peculiarity of Arconas target marketing embraces the orientation in environment-friendly airspace provisions. Thus, the popularity of the products relates to the fact that it possesses healthcare values and uses ecological materials, which ensure safety and comfort for the passengers. With the growth of the company, Arconas started the production of furniture for governmental buildings and public centers, which extended target marketing needs.

Production Overview

The company manufactures a variety of products with multi-dimensional applications. Among the top-selling Arconas products, one differentiates such popular tandem seating as Aerea and Bernu, which are used for equipping airport halls. The second corporation product embraces benches, the most recognized of which are Connex and Setz. The critical section if Arconas production is power equipment, which includes Bernu power station, Duracell charging, inPower stool, and Flyaway station. Finally, the corporation specializes in manufacturing waste & recycles sets such as Kendo recycling bins and Ashtray towers (Arconas products, 2016).

Competitive Expertise and Pricing

According to the wide sphere of Arconas expertise, it has a number of competitors, which challenges the pricing policy of the manufacture. Specifically, the major marketing rivals of the corporation are Enseicom Inc., which targets the production of street booths, furniture, and transportation equipment, KAI Design & Build, which possesses 25-years experience in the sphere of urban equipment, and Tolar Manufacturing Inc., which embraces street manufacturing. Concerning Arconas pricing, the company establishes high prices, which exceed the cost policies of its rival companies. However, the marketing strategy of Arconas embraces delivering high-quality and ecology-friendly products to the customers, which shapes the advantageous competitive expertise of the analyzed manufacturer.

Marketing & Communications

The Arconas corporation has a well-developed marketing politics and applies efficient communication strategies. Specifically, the company is actively promoting its mission statement, which relates to green policy. Thus, the manufacturer delivers detailed information about the materials for Arconas production, as well as the nature of manufacturing procedures, to the potential clients. Moreover, Arconas products are marked with the specialized green emblems that signify the quality of the company equipment. A successful embodiment of Arconas communication strategies relates to the content of its official Internet site. Specifically, the web-page contains information about the achievements of the manufacturer, which embrace the first application of CFC- and VOC-free materials as well as cold-cured urethane.

Transport & Distribution

The company has a rich exportation experience, which relates to delivering furniture to the leading world distributors, which function in such countries as Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, New York, Texas, Virginia, and some others. Moreover, the corporation managers are pursuing the equipment markets in such progressive countries as Italy, Denmark, France, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Spain. Arconas employs the most optimal transportation means, which distribute the products throughout the continent. The distribution process is assisted by the team of professionals, who speak fourteen languages and make the process of products’ delivery easy and time-saving.

Customer Service

The analyzed corporation has a highly-proficient team of customer support specialists, who practice the strategies of building strong relationships of trust with the clients. The group is headed by Sherry Martin, a commercial sales director with 20-years experience, who matches the needs of governmental, public, and aerospace to the actual sales’ perspectives. The delivery of the full production information to the clients is the top priority, which is realized by the group of Arconas telephone assistance specialists.

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Financial Performance

The measurement of Arconas financial performance reveals that the company managers succeeded in turning the business into a highly-productive manufacturer, in 23 years. Specifically, over the time period, the general corporation revenue reached $10 million (Best managed companies, 2015). A stunning financial success was guaranteed by the extensive market recognition and environmental commitment. In 2014, the corporation became one of the 50 best-managed Canadian businesses, which certified that the organization applies efficient strategies, which elaborates company performance and, consequently, enhances financial profitability level.

SWOT Analysis

The essential strengths of the Arconas corporation embrace the involvement of the highly-proficient team of specialists, the recognition of a world leader, in the production of environment-friendly equipment, and the exceptional quality of the products. In detail, the corporation gained the status of the top public space equipment seller since the organization devised unique power solutions, supported environmental policies, and constructed four leading seating equipment. The weaknesses of the business concern a costly recruitment of the new employees and incomplete development of all details for the furniture. The marketing opportunities for Arconas products relate to the high seasonal demand and good equipment performance. Finally, the main threat for the company is represented by its major competitors, Herman Muller Inc., and Enseicom Inc., which have established a strong connection with the world retailers and may substitute a considerable part of Arconas production.

Potential New International Markets

According to the high recognition of Arconas brand, which was formulated with the help of green policy, the company has optimal export opportunities. Today, the managers of the corporation are planning to extend Arconas marketing in the progressive European countries. The process of establishing a stable connection with French, Norwegian, and Swedish markets refers to the short-term goals of the company since the process might enhance the level of green equipment recognition in the Western Europe, which brings substantial financial profits to Arconas.

Conclusion: Overall Assessment

The study certifies that Arconas is one of the leading Canadian export businesses, the management of which has succeeded in gaining recognition not only at the American continent but throughout the world as well. The high financial performance and unique ecology-friendly policy have contributed to the formulation of the Arconas brand, which implies the production of high-quality equipment on the basis of healthy materials. Nevertheless, the corporation still has some substantial space for improvement in terms of market extension and strategic outperformance of the competitors’ expertise.


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