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Art and Science of Security


Security is more a matter of art than science. It is argued, that a successful security strategy entails both these components, however, the combination of these components is not the science and not the art: it is more the experience that joins both these components, and intuition, which is an integral part of any business sphere. The fact is that a company’s security guarantees its stability and profitability, which is the basis for stable trade and service relations in the country and the world in general.

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Art and Science of Security

It is argued that risk assessment is a complex process that requires taking into account numerous factors and evaluation, and how risks would impact business. To incorporate these evaluations properly, business goals and tasks have to be defined by taking into account the probability of mission failure, and possible business losses in the case of mission failure. (Eisner, 1998) Wide categories of threats should be taken into account, and the credibility of these threats is generally included in the risk calculation process. This is the essential part of security management as a science, as it entails all the possible calculations and checking to consider all the possible variants and combinations of threats and risks.

The scientific part of risk calculation entails the strict following of the previous experience and methodological instructions. The science of security includes using specified tools and instruments (including software, specified equipment, monitoring systems, etc). There is a strong necessity to use the equipment according to its direct purpose and arrange the security networks, with quick response systems. (Tanner, 2004)

Surely, despite the strictness of the approach scientific approach to the issues of security, there should be a moment of creativity, as it is impossible to get protected from everything. The creative approach is the piece of art in a security problem. It is necessary to mention that most researchers consider that security itself is more art than science. Art of security entails an original approach and innovative security schemes that prevent standard and unexpected risks. If risk security confrontation is regarded as a battle, the battle is always won with creativity, wit, and sometimes with deviation from generally accepted rules. Moreover, the security issues had formed special business culture, and only art can do this. (Broder, 2000)

The fact is that all the means of defense and risk protection were invented with the use of creativity and thorough observations. The only calculations could not help to invent all the security systems. As for the possible combinations of art and science in the security sphere, it is necessary to mention that all the combinations depend on intuition, and require essential experience in arranging security systems and risk calculations. Generally speaking, it is impossible to create an effective working security system or network-based solely on calculations and creativity.


Security issues may be regarded as the struggle of security systems and networks with risks and dangers. Originally, the struggle is won by wit, if the forces are equal, and wit in the art, but not science. Thus, it is impossible to argue that security is a dry science.


Broder, J.F. (2000). Risk Analysis and the Security Survey, 2nd edition. Butterworth Heinman, Boston,

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