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Art Therapy in Social Sciences


Psychology evaluates the workings of the human mind and its ability to explore various behaviors and emotions. Art therapy evaluates the impact of art on these mental processes, intersecting with psychology. Mood and emotional reactions to various art during therapy are crucial pointers to the psychological aspects of a person.

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Sociology investigates various social phenomena, including how people relate to various topics. The similarities and differences that may appear in the appreciation of various forms of art during art therapy are crucial. These differences and similarities inform intense topics for sociology.


Anthropology primarily studies human developments in various spheres, including culture.Variations in the appreciation of art therapy by different genders, races, age groups, and communities are of interest to anthropologists.

Social Science

Sociology indicates that many graffiti enthusiasts view it as a form of art and expression that communicates more clearly than words. People who express their views in graffiti are people with no other form of expression as their verbal opinions are not given sufficient attention.

Social Science Principle

Graffiti in society is used as a form of demonstration against institutions that oppress them. Graffiti is sometimes found in areas where people feel that these institutions disregard their rights and freedoms.

Appearance of Graffiti

Graffiti drawn by oppressed people depict them as miserable victims of institutional brutality and expresses their powerlessness. Usually, the message is of hope and encourages those advocating for reforms to maintain courage and belief (Seed, 2015).

Previous Lens of View of Graffiti

Previously, I merely saw graffiti as a mere means of artistic expression and entertainment.

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Influence on Thoughts about Graffiti

I thought graffiti was an art for people with enough leisure time and who found it intriguing.

Comparisons of the Two Reactions

The previous reaction was dismissive and borne of ignorance while the current one is filled with admiration for the art informed by enlightenment.

Changes in Perception of Graffiti

Yes, my perception of graffiti has changed with new evidence on the scientific basis of graffiti. I now understand it is not purely about entertainment but also about making a point and passing a message across (Seed, 2015). It is a form of expression for those who have no other means of communicating their views and feelings on various topics.


Seed. (2015). Street art with a message of hope and peace. TED. Web.

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