Arts, History and Science of Philadelphia

Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city and has a rich historical heritage. This paper discusses some of the important historical features of Philadelphia. The historical features of Australia may be divided into, and discussed in terms of, historical landmarks, arts, and science/culture.

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One of Philadelphia’s major historical landmarks is the Independence Hall. It was completed in 1753 and is the major attraction of the Independence National Historic Park (“Architectural Change over Time” par. 4). Another important historical landmark is Betsey Ross house. It is the third most popular tourist attraction in the city and hosts over two-hundred thousand tourists yearly. Society Hill is another important historical landmark, which was named after the Free Society of Traders. This landmark’s history dates back to over three centuries (“Part-Time Betsy Ross House Guide” par. 2). Sports is another important factor that contributes to Philadelphia’s historical heritage. Philadelphia is home to very important and successful teams in various sports. Philadelphia’s major league teams play in sports including football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, and soccer. Philadelphia houses two NFL teams, one MLB team (the Philadelphia Phillies), one NBA team (the Philadelphia 76ers), one National Hockey League team (the Philadelphia Flyers) and one Major League Soccer team (the Philadelphia Union. These teams have won major titles in their various leagues.

Another characteristic feature of Philadelphia is its arts culture. Philadelphia has a rich art culture and this is evident in its music and visual endowment. The Philadelphia Orchestra is a significant example of Philadelphia’s art culture. Established in 1900 by Fritz Scheele, the Philadelphia Orchestra is a one of the biggest orchestras in America. The orchestra has remained active and contributes to the production movie and documentary soundtracks. Another important art landmark in Philadelphia is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is one of the biggest Art Museums in America and has a collection of over 220,000 classic and modern artworks. Established in 1877, this art museum hosts more than 800000 tourists annually (“An Overview of the Museum’s History” par. 12). Another important historical attraction in Philadelphia, which may be categorized under the art genre, is The Franklin Institute. This institute was established in 1824 and is amongst the oldest science research centers in America. The Franklin Institute partners with other organizations to undertake projects will contribute to scientific development (“Inspire Science” par. 6).

It will be incomplete to discuss the landmarks of Philadelphia without focuses on the mixed culture. Migration has made America one of the most culturally diverse countries in the World. Evidence of migration can be seen in the location of different cultural towns in Philadelphia. A significant example is Philadelphia’s Chinatown. Chinatown is a majorly Asian American community in Central Philadelphia. The town started to develop in the mid nineteenth century when migrants started up restaurants and laundries. One other important cultural town located in Philadelphia is Little Italy. Established as far back as 1853, this Italian town has contributed to the increase in Italians born in Philadelphia. Koreans have also settled and created communities. These Korean communities mostly comprise of a group of restaurants offering Korean cuisine closely located to each other and inevitably. There is also a Russian community in the north-east part of Philadelphia. This part of the Philadelphia has a low crime rate and is apparently more peaceful than other parts of the city.

The various factors contributing to Philadelphia’s culture show that the city is diverse, entertaining, educative, and safe. Philadelphia is a city to visit, and to live in.

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