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Aspects of Nursing Communication

At the moment, in my employment setting, the principles of active interaction among colleagues are being promoted as one of the key aspects of optimizing the workflow. Nursing communication is viewed by the management as a necessary element of productive activity, and the focus is on collaborative and team practices. In addition, due to the current epidemiological situation, cost-cutting policies are being introduced, which are associated with supply over-usage. According to Van Graan et al. (2016), complex patient needs require utilizing relevant working strategies, including effective noticing, high-quality interpretation, appropriate response, and adequate reflection. In my employment setting, these aspects are addressed through early thinking and clinical judgment as the essential components of the work process. As Van Graan et al. (2016) note, these skills contribute to productive problem-solving. Concerning supply over usage, such approaches allow responding to patient needs timely and not spending unnecessary funds, which influences the budget of the healthcare institution positively.

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The management of my organization is loyal to the employees and uses different approaches to interact with the personnel. One of them is creating special groups in which appointed employees are included to communicate any plans and optimization programs. In the latest initiative, the discussion took place related to the cost of medical treatment and supplies. Abdulsalam et al. (2018) state that such a practice can increase staff motivation and create productive collaboration between managers and subordinates. By interacting with representatives of such groups, other employees receive the necessary data and have comprehensive information about running costs and the ways to reduce them. This, in turn, stimulates the application of effective clinical judgment approaches and the rational use of available resources.


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