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Aspects of Social Change

Social change is a phenomenon that occurs in various ways in the modern society. In terms of communities and populations social change continues to manifest itself in the way populations are undergoing changes in structure and patterns. Urban and rural populations are developing distinguishing characteristics with things like technology and innovation that shape human life. The society’s institutions are also part of social change. This has been evidenced in their management, operations and enrollments. Institutions such as religion and education are in the social change movement because they create an environment where people interact.

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Technology has made a greater impact on social change through the developments in the society’s institutions. Politics and governance are also aspects of social change in the way they influence policy and other important things that concern human interactions. It is important to note that politics have been instrumental in controlling social change. This is because politics have influence over social interactions between people from different cultural backgrounds.

Politics of a country have great influence over technology and other important social factors. The movement of people for instance from rural to urban centers in the process of social change can be controlled by the political environment. Institutions in the society are also responsible for controlling social change by putting measures in place with which the members must adhere to. Social change is a phenomenon that is in progress as it has been observed by sociologists in their studies.

This is because things are never the same as they used to be in the past. Organization and behavior of people keep changing and this indicates a process that is in progress. Social change is predictable after a careful analysis of the past and the present situation in the modern society. The behavior of people can be predicted to foresee how social change would be indicated in the future.

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