88 Social Change Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Social Change

  1. Distance Learning and Social Change
    Distance learning can be defined as a form of education where learners can learn wherever they are through the use of technology.
  2. Youth Life and Social Changes in Developed Countries
    This essay analyzes social changes affecting young people in developed countries in the social, political, economic and cultural spheres.
  3. Should Social Norms Change at the Brink of the New Era?
    Living in a world without any social, political or moral restrictions can hardly seem possible, because the humankind needs certain boundaries which will define the meaning of good and evil.
  4. Social Change, Leadership and Advocacy
    The paper studies concepts of social change, advocacy, and leadership comparing similarities and differences as they all focus on innovation, shifts, and collaboration.
  5. Social Change and Advocacy Comparison
    This paper considers the differences between social change and advocacy, discusses their implications, proposes some actions that may assist the Indian Creek Foundation.
  6. “Muslims and Social Change in the Atlantic Beach” by Sean Foley
    Sean Foley in his work tries to bring out the impact of the Muslim in transforming and shaping social and political reform in the Atlantic beach.
  7. Role, Conflict, Social Exchange Theories in Nursing
    Role theory, conflict theory, and social exchange theory should be discussed in the case of the nurse that is regularly challenged to prove her self-worth and skills.
  8. Mohandas Gandhi and Eleanor Roosevelt as Social Change Agents
    Gandhi’s struggle against human social injustices started in South Africa. Eleanor Roosevelt is mostly known for her accomplishments in fighting for human rights.
  9. Men and Women in Leadership and Social Change
    A study conducted to evaluate the effect of gender on leadership showed a negligible difference between the styles favored by men and women.
  10. Social Insecurity, Changes, Risks and Communication
    This work teaches the topic of technology and society and its major concepts and research, such as social insecurity and adaptation to social changes, risks, and communication.
  11. Media for Social Change: Producers, Viewers, Content
    Media for social change may be used to create an environment where people can engage in the public realm, mediate disagreements, and encourage civil debate.
  12. “Development and Social Change” by P. McMichael
    The contemporary globalization-related discourse revolves around the question of whether the benefits of the world becoming ‘flat’ overweight side effects.
  13. The Industrial Revolution: Culture, Work and Social Change
    The industrial revolution was a change of various individuals’ life situation that occurred in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries due to the interest to expand the technologies of industries.
  14. Parenthood as a Cause of Social Status Change
    Although men and women accept parenting differently, there are some factors, such as culture or agents of socialization, that shape this process.
  15. Social Change: The Nurse’s Role in Global Healthcare
    To advocate for the global perspective on the issue of the opioid crisis and the need to change the current standards for opioid prescription.
  16. “What Goes Around Comes Around”: On the Nature of Social Exchange
    Social theories can be defined as analytical frameworks or paradigms that are used to understand and interpret social phenomena.
  17. Social Change: Electoral Reform in the United States
    Since the 1800s, the Electoral College method of electing a president has been a highly effective election tool that has helped to keep order and sanity.
  18. Satire Usage in Film as a Tool for Social Change
    Satire is a corrective form of humor but it can take different forms. The five films analyzed in this essay are all satires but belong in various sub-categories.
  19. Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change
    The role of social marketing image in the spheres of business and social life functioning is presented through promotion of strategic marketing planning process.
  20. The Impact of Social Change on the Education System
    Changes in the society have led to increased demand for education. This has called for expansion of existing educational facilities to accommodate the populations.
  21. Social Change Through Technological Innovation
    As people interact in various ways technology has been utilized to enhance aspects of human life and social contacts.
  22. Social Exchange Theory in Organizations and Workplaces
    This paper aims to analyze the importance of social exchange theory in organizations and workplaces and the impact it has on interpersonal relationships.

👍 Good Social Change Research Topics & Essay Examples

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  1. Aspects of Social Change
    Social change is predictable after a careful analysis of the past and the present situation in the modern society.
  2. MacDonaldization and Marx’s Social Change Model
    McDonaldization is the take-up of the characteristics of a fast-food place by the society through rationalization of traditional ideologies, modes of management and thinking.
  3. Post-Industrial Society: Durkheim’s Social Change Model
    Durkheim argues that religion is the foundation of thought and being a permanent aspect of humanity it’s the basis of all other social dealings.
  4. Social Changes in Iraq
    This essay will look into the possible social changes in the Iraqi culture and what might have triggered such changes, outline some of the noted effects of the shift.
  5. Interpersonal Communication: Social Exchange Theory
    The general aim of social exchange theory is to describe how humans share ideas or secrets within the realm of established relations.
  6. Does a Hashtag Create a Real Social Change?
    The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter has flooded the Internet in the past few weeks. It has developed into the motto and the slogan of the same name movement.
  7. Climate and Social Change in Global Warming Crisis
    People in the community should be encouraged to change their behaviors and make better personal choices to mitigate the global warming crisis.
  8. Culture Dynamics: Social Changes and Role of Migration
    Social changes are intrinsically interwoven into the cultural ones, which is why the role of migration has to be considered when exploring culture dynamics.
  9. Social Change and Social Norms
    Social change refers to the transformations which occur in society, institutions, cultures, and social functions.
  10. Healthcare Research and Social Change Relationship
    Explaining the relationship between research and social change is complicated given that any project is intended to cover a limited space.
  11. Treasure Trove or Trash: The Internet and Its Ability to Enact Social Change
    Today the internet has continued to develop as a collaborative tool in which people are able to continuously submit and improve on the wealth of human knowledge.
  12. Socialist Feminist Theories, Solutions and Changes
    Regarding the important issues in feminism, it is necessary to examine the issues of dualistic typification, beauty ideals, and the beauty industry in the context of feminism.
  13. Feminism and Social Change. Feminist Movement
    Gender inequality is widely discussed in the modern world and inspires the feminist movement to promote its philosophy instead of the idea of ​​male superiority.
  14. Analysis of “Tweeting Social Change” Article by Guo & Saxton
    Guo & Saxton’s article “Tweeting social change” explores how nonprofits organizations utilize social media platforms to pursue their goals and accomplish their mission.
  15. Social Change and Crime Rate Trends
    According to Cohen and Felson, structural changes in daily routine activities have a direct influence on the frequency of crime occurrence.
  16. CBPR Vital for Social Change
    The assigned case study provides a model for the application of the CBPR approach in improving food security in Bayview Hunters Point Community.
  17. Social Change in the 21st Century
    The 21st century has been bringing significant changes to many spheres of people’s lives, both personal and professional.
  18. Families, Gender Relations and Social Change in Brazil
    The distinct corporate, economic, and lifestyle changes have unmistakably been the result of women taking part in the social and political movement.
  19. Social Changes Caused by World War II
    This essay examines the most common social changes stemming from World War II and the reasons behind their occurrence.
  20. Social Exchange Theory and Abortion Legalization
    While the risk of having financial issues influences individuals, they will be more likely to refuse to give birth to a child because of the possible losses in the future.
  21. Social Changes After the Coronavirus Pandemic
    The global coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing the economic, behavioural, and social aspects of people’s lives.

🎓 Most Interesting Social Change Research Titles

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  1. Chinese Contemporary Art and Social Change
  2. Economic and Social Change in Indonesia
  3. What Are the Biggest Social Change Issues in Cambodia?
  4. Economic, Political, and Social Change Effect on American Revolution
  5. The Momentus Social Change in America From 1955 to 1975
  6. Hoover vs. Rosevelt: Promoting Social Change
  7. Social Neuroscience and Its Relationship to Social Psychology and Social Change
  8. African National Congress’s Impact on Social Change
  9. The Need for Social Change Regarding Animal Abuse
  10. Education for Social Change: From Theory to Practice
  11. The Social and Political Implications of Cognitive Psychology and Social Change
  12. Transition and Social Change in the Romanian Rural Area
  13. The Relationship Between Religion and Social Change
  14. Education and Its Impact on Social Change
  15. The Consumerism, Industrialization, and Social Change During the 18th Century in Britain
  16. Globalization and Social Change: Gender-specific Effects of Trade Liberalization in Indonesia
  17. The Different Factors Affecting the Social Change in Indian Cultures
  18. Cultural and Social Change in the 1960s
  19. Feminist Pedagogy and Organizing for Social Change
  20. How Did the American Revolution Lead to Social Changes?

❓ Questions About Social Change

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  1. Are Media Technologies Causes or Consequences of Social Change?
  2. Does Disaster Bring Positive Social Change?
  3. How Are Social Change and Changes in Knowledge Linked?
  4. Does Music Cause Social Change?
  5. How Can Minority Groups Achieve Social Change?
  6. What Is Social Change and Why Take It Seriously?
  7. How Can Organizations and Communities Both Influence Social Change and Affect People’s Behavior?
  8. Why Is Social Change Important?
  9. How Did the War Create Social Change?
  10. What Are the Main Characteristics of Social Change?
  11. How Does Education Facilitate Social Change?
  12. Is Social Change Positive or Negative?
  13. How Does Social Change Affect Individuals and Society?
  14. What Are the Main Theories of Social Change?
  15. How Does Social Change Occur?
  16. What Are the Challenges of Social Change?
  17. How Does the Internet Affect Social Change?
  18. What Are the Processes of Social Change?
  19. How Far Did Alexander III Bring Political and Social Change to Russia?
  20. Does Social Change Impact the Education System?
  21. How Has Social Change Impacted Society?
  22. What Is the Best Way to Cause Social Change?
  23. How Can Social Media Promote Social Change?
  24. What Is Social Change According to Karl Marx?
  25. How Many Stages Are There in Social Change?
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