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Assassination of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was assassinated by a few senators who wanted to keep the republic of Rome and wanted to end his reign. He had established himself such that he was well known and an important person in antiquity. He also had a good personality and was in control of the military and therefore was able to control the Rome republic. Caesar considerably extended the Roman Empire throughout his tenure, and his victories altered Europe’s trajectory. Julius Caesar was swiftly dismantling the Roman Empire and establishing the Imperial arrangement (Martín, 2019). He marginalized the republic and assumed total control of Rome, which enraged many of the citizens and some of the people he considered friends. Those that wanted to keep the roman republic alive plotted on killing him, and he was murdered on the ides of March.

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Since his power in the republic of Rome was growing, the senators plotted on suspending this progress. This is because the republican offices never had power even after they continued existing. Senators were just advisors to Caesar, who controlled all of the judgments and oversaw the whole population. Notwithstanding his total power, Caesar aspired to rule reasonably and to aid the citizens. He had innovative changes in mind, such as restricting slavery so that impoverished people might work. He desired to have complete control over revenue and the schedule and financial transactions.

Secondly, the senators assassinated Julius Caesar to try and stop him from ascending to the throne and toppling the Roman Empire. They were furious after learning that he would not restore the republic as they had hoped (Martín, 2019). The republican functions so that the top government offices are held by two senators who formerly ruled the Roman Empire and were chosen by a patrician-dominated senate. They had a lot of authority before Caesar, but now they did not have it; instead, they were just weak counselors to him.

Finally, others were driven by primal human feelings, such as personal revenge. The killing of Julius Caesar sparked a civil conflict that resulted in the Rome republic’s downfall. Many Republicans hated Caesar’s fame and pride in the Council and a group of nominated politicians. They resolved to deal with the last misfortune of Caesar’s reign after he was chosen as an authoritarian. On March 15, a team of over 60 rebels agreed to execute Caesar after a Session they held (Martín, 2019). The gang allegedly struck him 23 times in all, torturing and killing the Imperial commander.

The assassination of Julius Caesar brought an opposite effect not according to what the killers had in mind. The Republicans hated the senators, and this led to conflict eruption on succession. The civil war resulted in the emergence of Mark Antony and Octavian, the grandnephew to Caesar (Martín, 2019). Grandnephew to Caesar became the ruler of the Roman republican renamed himself, Augustus Caesar. His ruler gave a signal to the end of the roman republic and gave rise to a new Roman regime. The revolutionaries and their Senate supporters did not want Augustus and Anthony to succeed Caesars. In the fight against the Philips, they were defeated and the republic destroyed. This defeat brought an end to the supporters of the previous republican state’s military strength. Following the assassination, Mark Anthony and Octavian were able to divide the Empire amongst them.


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