49 Vehicles Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Vehicles

  1. Transportation: Electric Cars Effects
    At present, electric cars offer their owners a relatively impressive amount of services and advantages for a comparatively low price.
  2. Owning a Private Car: Expense Analysis
    Owning a private car is prestigious; however, it is associated with a number of costs. This paper gives a stringent analysis of these expenses.
  3. Surviving Without a Car: A Guide
    Surviving without a car provides a great benefit in social, physical, environmental and financial terms. The paper presents several steps to survive without a car.
  4. How Hybrid Cars Work
    This paper is a report of research done on hybrid vehicles and how they operate in relation to energy and the environment.
  5. The Danger of Leaving a Child in a Hot Car in Florida
    Hyperthermia leads to death of four children every year in the state. Since 1997, hyperthermia contributed to the death of more than 600 children in the country.
  6. Josh Hartly’s and the Car Dealer Case – Contract Law
    This essay examines a case study that outlines the nature and application of the mutual mistakes policies in a contract law. Both Josh and the sales person enter into the contract.
  7. Tariffs on Car Imports in Ukraine
    In March 2014, the “Globe and Mail” carried a story on Ukraine’s move to impose new tariffs on car imports and the possible economic consequences of this initiative.
  8. The Green Motor Car Company Marketing
    Green motor cars buyers can benefit from saving money on fuel, and creating a popular image of environmentally friendly person.
  9. The BNW Car New Models
    BNW Company has decided, in order not to lose its market, to make a special and a more extraordinary car that its customers will surely love: the BNW Z1.
  10. Mitsubishi Motors’ Automobile Advertising
    This is an analysis of printed advertising designed by Mitsubishi Motors to present their auto Outlander Sport in MensHealth in February 2011.
  11. Car Emission Effects on Global Warming
    Car emissions are expected to aid policy makers in national governments, automobile manufacturers, fuel industry CEOs and city planners.
  12. Global Warming: Car Emissions Effects
    The paper will answer the question on how the car emissions affect the global warming. It has been noted that in the UK, cause various health problems to the people.
  13. Ecological Balance: Environmentally Friendly Cars
    To achieve a balance, resilience, and interconnectedness in the system environmental scholars have to come up with a few collections of guiding principles to assist the contemporary society.
  14. Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars: Compare & Contrast Essay
    What are the similarities between electric and gas cars? Which is faster? ? Find the answers to these questions in this essay on electric ⚡ vs. fuel ⛽ cars!
  15. Volkswagen Cars Company: Professional Marketing Components
    In this paper, the author will discuss five different components of the Volkswagen Automobile Company in relation to its engineering and technological products.
  16. Auto Car Companies Industry in China
    With the ever-growing and stable development of China’s economy, the Chinese domestic auto industry has become one of the most vibrant sectors of China’s economy.
  17. US Car Manufacturing: International Promotion Mix
    The car manufacturing industry in the United States of America is quite competitive as the business environment in the country has transformed significantly.
  18. Alternative Fuels and Personnel in Automobile Industry
    This paper is aimed to consider two important issues connected with the automobile industry. The first is fuel alternatives. The other is the staff and potential productivity.
  19. Car Dealing Problem and Contract Validity
    An offer made by a car dealer, Brad Benson, to give a Florida pastor, Terry Jones, a new car if he abstains from burning a Quran can be considered a valid contract.
  20. Zhejiang Gonow Automobile Company: Global Marketing
    The purpose of this report is to prepare a global marketing plan for the Chinese company Zhejiang Gonow Automobile Ltd (ZGA), producing pickup and sport-utility vehicles.
  21. Tata Motors in Global Ultra-Low-Cost Car Market
    The essay investigates Tata Motors’ attempts to enter the global ultra-low-cost car market, the problems it might face and its pricing strategy to create a competitive advantage.
  22. Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Services and Workplace
    Enterprise Rent-A-Car wishes to remain the preferred premier rental car company, provide red carpet customer service, and provide the best place to work to its employees.
  23. Cars in Popular Culture and Mass Media
    The entirety of ideas, fancy images, attitudes, and perspectives within the cultural mainstream define what is known as popular (or pop) culture.
  24. Car Industry’s Marketing: Advertising and Promotion
    Car industry has been developing day by day in many countries. The major purpose of this industry is to create, develop, improve, market, and sell motor vehicles, cars in particular.
  25. Cadillac Motor Car Division’s Quality Management
    Many aspects of quality control are key to Cadillac’s competitive position on the market as they promote higher efficiency and improved product quality.

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  1. Al Ghandi Auto Group: Electric Car Marketing Plan
    The company’s array of products and services addresses every need a conventional motorist may have, ranging from selling and buying cars to repairs and maintenance.
  2. Rental Car Feasibility for Injured Driver
    The injured person must keep in mind that the selected car selected provides a cost-effective solution to his needs and safety on the road in case any mishap occurs.
  3. Luxury Cars Consumerism in the Middle East
    This paper analysis consumer perceptions of luxury cars in the Middle East through a prism of historical and market developments, consumer behavior, and psychological aspects of purchase and ownership.
  4. Procurement Management in Car Manufacturers
    For any project to be implemented, resources are needed. These can be either services or materials required to accomplish the project.
  5. Car Sales Forecast and Financial Strategy
    The paper considers factors to predict sales rates efficiently. The forecast of sales rates is quite hard to carry out due to a variety of factors affecting it.
  6. No Student Car: Reducing College Expenses
    The student car is probably the most expensive and least useful ongoing expense. Unless you have a job that requires commuting, this should be a non-negotiable sacrifice.
  7. Mustang Cars’ Convertible and Price Regression Analysis
    From the statistical analysis and the hypothesis tests, we can conclude that the convertible options of the Mustang cars lay sufficient influence on the prices.
  8. Daimler Company’s Smart Cars Marketing Strategy
    This work explains Daimler’s business and marketing strategy for introducing the Smart Car into global international markets and examines its advantages and disadvantages.
  9. MG Rover Group’s Car Production and Business Ethics
    MG Rover business was a very important economic pillar in the motor industry in Britain, contributing greatly to employment opportunities and governments’ revenue.
  10. Terrorism and The Peshawar School Bus Bombing
    This work analyzes the concept of terrorism and its usage in both domestic and foreign policy and also overviews terrorist attack, the Peshawar school bus roadside bombing.
  11. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    The UAVs’ biggest challenge remains their ability to adhere to the Federal Aviation Regulations’ (FARs) right of way stipulations.
  12. The Glo-Bus Simulation Business Approaches
    The Glo-Bus simulation was a rare opportunity for my team to think logically and implement desirable business approaches that mirrored real-world practices.
  13. Hybrid Electric and Gasoline Powered Vehicles
    The hybrid electric vehicles are gradually gaining preference over the gasoline-powered vehicles following gradual shifts the global economic dynamics.
  14. Nissan Electric Cars Nowadays and in Future
    This paper describes and analyzes the situation presented in the article “Nissan Sees 2025 as Turning Point for Electric Cars” by Campbell.
  15. Electric Vehicles in the UK Automotive Manufacturing Industry
    The statistics show that the international manufacturers of engines have a higher tendency of locating their car manufacturing plants in the UK than other nations.
  16. Car Wash Company’s Employee Management
    The situation in the Car Wash may lead to its eventual collapse. When employees are not satisfied with their work environment, they will not work to their full potential.
  17. The Trolley Problem and Self-Driving Cars
    The Trolley Problem is an ethics thought experiment that deals with the choice of saving several people by killing one. It is used in various moral and ethical discussions.
  18. Electric Cars and Their Future: Informative Speech
    Choosing electric cars will reduce the level of gas emissions in the air and provide opportunities for recycling and usage of renewable sources of energy instead of gasoline.
  19. Power Sources for Unmanned Vehicles
    A hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell produces electrical power through an electrochemical reaction, which involves the oxidation of hydrogen.
  20. Human Factors in Car Development and Production
    The goal of the study is to define the extent to which the human factor in production and development affects the number of car accidents.
  21. Car Accidents Statistics and Policy Change
    A policy change is required in order to reduce the number of car accidents and protect people from injuries and death as a result of traffic accidents.
  22. Performance Management in Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    The work plan aimed at enhancing productivity management in Enterprise Rent-A-Car implies developing a special program involving digital analytical equipment.
  23. Car Emissions and Global Warming
    The emissions problem that is caused by the excessive use of cars is an issue that affects most of the modern world and needs to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further adverse impact.
  24. Supply Chain Management for the Sedan Car
    This report is to provide the supply chain management for the sedan car, a vehicle that operates in the automotive industry worldwide.
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