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Honda Pilot Car’s Ownership and Its Benefits

This paper examines the reasons behind why Honda Pilot is a car that is highly recommended by not only me but has been rated highly by numerous car journals and has had the distinction of being awarded with a number of awards as well.

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Honda Pilot came into existence around 2002 and is Honda’s second SUV fully designed. It came into being in order to fill the huge demand that exists in America for SUVs and the reason behind why I feel such pride in owning the Honda Pilot is the fact that its strong performance, spacious interiors and versatile storage capabilities set it apart form the other SUVs available in the market. It was one of Honda’s highest selling cars and was even awarded with “5 Best Trucks” title by Car and driver. Added to this, it has been categorized as the “Best buy” and been awarded with several awards.

However, on a personal note this car has proved itself worthy due to its excellent safety features and storage facilities. No wonder it is a favorite amongst many Americans who have a trend of making large trips and hence, require cars with good storage facilities. This car has proved its worth especially to me in that aspect. Another feather in the cap of this car has been the fact, that it has the least ownership costs. That has certainly helped me in certain budget crunch situations making this car a personal favorite of mine.

As a result of its V6 engine, it maneuvers quite smoothly and hence, allowing a smooth and powerful ride. Making the ride quite comfortable at one level and parking also becomes quite easy for the driver.

As a person, who is quite conscious about the interior of a car, the interior of Honda Pilot took me back as it was not only quite spacious but was versatile and surprisingly upscale. There was nothing that found to garish and too luxurious about this car. The aesthetic beauty of this car and the simplicity of form flowed function which was a personal requirement and suited me in many ways. The unibody construction of this fortified with integrated with perimeter frame rails allows it to withstand light off road usage.

In safety tests conducted by the government; this car was found to amongst leading ones as it’s was given the five-star rating. The safety precaution of any car is an important for any user and the same case is for me.-especially given the rash driving cases surrounding us these days. One really good feature of this SUV is that it seats eight and that allows me to accommodate a number of friends whenever any trips are planned. The theatre seating allows a better view for the rear passenger which subsequently makes my car a favorite amongst the elderly folk in my family.

This SUV had the option of a touch screen DVD navigation system and a rear entertainment DVD system; making driving an easy feat while at the same time adding good entertainment value to this car.

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Another attractive feature of this car is the variable cylinder management which allows automatic switch between the three and six cylinder modes which has greatly improved the fuel economy; assisting my budgeting skills. Though the vehicle has a slightly heavy feel, it has an overall refinement hence, proving the success of this car.

The considerable number of pockets is quite convenient for someone like me who uses the car quite frequently and hence, keep stashing stuff in it. For a car of this size, the center console is surprisingly flexible adding to the comfort capacity for someone like me. Though, Honda Pilot may have certain flaws, that is common for all cars, and the good aspects of this car are sufficient enough for me to rate this vehicle quite high.


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