Axon Enterprise Analysis

Mission and vision of a company are one of the essential concepts that define the reason for its existence. Without specifying the purpose, all decisions in an organization would be made only based on the individual values of managers. The mission and vision determine the status of the company and provide directions for defining goals and strategies and future perspectives. This essay will discuss the mission and vision of Axon Enterprise, the manufacturer of software and hardware security solutions for authorities, regarding their relevance and consistency.

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The organization made most of the profits from selling TASER smart weapons or conducted energy weapons (CEW). Managers of the company believe in the future of these systems and decided to change the name of the organization from TASER International to Axon Enterprise, which was the name of the camera division (“We are Axon”). Axon Enterprise turned to police cameras and database management to secure its next phase of growth.

The mission of the company is aimed to “protect life” that ultimately corresponds to the mission of its clients, that are police, law enforcement agencies, and other authorities. The company based its mission on the goal of challenging boundaries of technology to help people and police to be more confident in case of unpredictable situations and ensure that the world is becoming a safer place for people (“We are Axon”).

The vision of Axon Enterprise is to work hard for those who risk their lives every day to protect citizens. The company anticipates that its software and hardware solutions may help authorities to save lives and financial resources by creating a network of unique devices and applications (“Axon Mission, Vision & Values”). One can say that the mission and vision of Axon Enterprise are appropriate for the organization because they coincide with the goals of the organization’s clients.

It might be stated that the vision of the company informs stakeholders what the firm is and what it seeks to accomplish that is protecting lives. However, there might arise inconsistencies regarding the mission and vision; namely, they do not describe what businesses the company intends to compete in, which is primarily protection devices and applications for police. Neither they emphasize information on the matter of the company’s clients because the mission generalizes the statement of protection of people. In contrast, the vision focuses on the protection of those who serve civil citizens and defend them. Therefore, there is an ambiguity that a person might catch between guarding people and protecting police officers who put themselves in harm’s way.

One might say that the mission and vision of the company challenge Axon Enterprise substantially as the aim to protect life is essential and noble. The company’s target is to push the boundaries of technologies to create products that can defend people and be cost-efficient, which is stimulating and promising for the future. Values of Axon Enterprise include the following statements: be obsessed, aim far, win right, own it, join forces, expect candor, be scrappy (“Our values”).

It might be stated that some of the company’s values and aspirations are reflected in Axon’s mission and vision. These values are to aim far because the company’s vision is looking into the future of technologies; be obsessed that is close to the claim of working hard; be scrappy because it reflects the fight against constraints and boundaries that Axon Enterprise claims.

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To make a conclusion, it can be said that the missions and the vision of Axon Enterprise present a clear view and a reason why the organization exists. However, both concepts are generalized to the extent when they may become ambiguous and vague. Both definitions can be reviewed to match the values and operations of the company more closely and reflect the challenges and strategies of Axon Enterprise.

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