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Barrack Obama’s First Speech as the US President

All countries in the world had waited for this day and finally, it came, the world’s historic day, a day that the first African was sworn in to take over the White House.. It was the headline in the major dailies, internet, TVs and magazines. The news had been broken to the world “Barrack Obama the president of the United States of America”. This writing highlights some of the key issues that Barrack Obama the president of the United States of America talked about in his first speech as the President of the United States of America. The speech focused mainly on domestic issues affecting American individuals. However, as a superpower country, he could not end his speech without talking about the issues affecting other countries. He dealt with political as well as matters of external relations. The issues that he talked about include health care, education, economy, employment, taxation, and energy. On external affairs, he talked about ending the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and at the same time warned against dictatorship and massive corruption in Africa. President Barrack Obama also pledged to help alleviate poverty in the African states. It was a round speech admired by everybody, emotional, and inspiring. These issues include

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Education: The American president pledged to improve and provide the basic education system to every American. He assured the American people that though he has a tough moment, they should be patient and that everything is going to be well. Currently, there is a proportion of Americans that are still illiterate. He promised that they are going to put institutions that are credited to ensure that all Americans present and future will get access to not only basic education but also technical courses.

Economy: Most economies have been hit hard by the current economic downturn. The worlds leading major currencies were not spared either. Large economies of the world like the Asian, European, and American felt the effect most. The American President pledged to boost the American economy by, for instance, providing an overhaul to the country’s taxation system. This will see taxes collected from individuals being put to the right use. He also promised to uplift financial institutions like banks, insurance firms, and other financial intermediaries.

Energy: A school of thought had once said that the current global economic downturn is a result of the volatility of the world oil prices. Coupled with political factors like international border conflicts, terrorism it has been difficult to stabilize the oil prices in the energy sector. As a result, there has been a big inflation rate that has affected most economies of the world. This has led to prices skyrocketing and the rich being rich and richer while the poor people sink into the mire of despair. Barrack Obama promised to categorically deal with these issues as possible.

Health Care: Health has become a global challenge in the whole world. The cost of treatment has become increasingly expensive for the local individuals. People are suffering from different ailments ranging from HIV aids to cancer. Obama promised to avail and reduce the cost of health care to every American individual. He also promised to provide a favorable business environment to enterprises and all stakeholders in the business industry that will open new job opportunities to all Americans who are currently not employed.

International: The president of the United States promised to help solve the war in politically unstable countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. he warned terrorists that God is watching them. He again sent a stern warning to the African heads of States who cling to power through deceit and corruption that their days are numbered. Finally, he pledged to help alleviate poverty in poor countries by sending donations to those countries either hard hit by national disasters or calamities.

This speech was challenging and inspiring to everyone especially the young aspiring politicians. It was a moment of hope and encouragement to all and was enough to convince the unbelievers that nothing is impossible. It was a time that even the old dictators and tyrants of this world whose agendas are bureaucracy, rigidity, and massacre realized that even young people when given time can do wonders. We thank God for having given us this young American leader from Kenya to serve as a global example. We also thank the people of American for having voted personality and demonstrated an outstanding democracy in the world.

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