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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Barack Obama

  1. Obama’s Citizenship, Religion, and His Political Ideology
    If there was one president whose life and leadership has been most controversial is that of the U.S president Barrack Obama.
  2. Obama’s New Immigration Law
    Immigration laws are the policies that governments across the world establish to regulate who enters a certain country and the period that such s person is supposed to stay in the host country.
  3. Presidency in US: Bush Vs. Obama
    It is possible to note that President Bush managed to expand executive power while President Obama is trying to stop the expansion.
  4. Syria’s Conflict: Putin’s vs. Obama’s Position
    Russia and the USA show interest and participate in the development of combat operations on the territory of Syria, although the conflict refers to the Syrian government.
  5. American Ex-Presidents: the Election of Barack Obama
    The election of Barack Obama as the first African American president was a major event that transformed the country’s history. This paper offers arguments and discussions to support the thesis.
  6. Labor Economics: the Campaign of Obama
    On 31 August 2015 The New York Times published a rather controversial article by the title ‘As His Term Wanes, Obama Champions Workers’ Rights’. The story is an perfect example of labor economics.
  7. Barack Obama and Sheikh Zayed
    This paper examines Barack Obama and Sheikh Zayed as influential leaders in the modern world who are heroic in their leadership and changing the world.
  8. Barack Obama Election
    This paper will scrutinize the election of Barrack Obama by delving into the events and facts, which defined the occasion.
  9. President Obama’s Inaugural Speech Analysis
    Barack Obama gave his inaugural speech after taking the oath of office. He did this while standing in front of a building which was built by black slaves during the period of slavery.
  10. A More Perfect Union Speech Analysis – Barack Obama’s Speech
    To write about Barack Obama’s A More Perfect Union speech analysis, examine its rhetorical strategies. ♥ We can help! ? See this Obama’s speech analysis essay.
  11. President Obama’s Remarks on Trayvon Martin’ Killing
    The killing of Trayvon Martin, an African-American, by George Zimmerman, a Hispanic, meant a lot to the black community since they held different analogies to the incident.
  12. First Lady Michelle Obama Commencement Speech
    By her speech, Michelle Obama honors the distinguished Tuskegee alumni and encourages the students to overcome the obstacles on the way to achievements and be true to themselves.
  13. Obama’s Economic Policy and Financial Crisis
    There were significant expectations laid on the new president after the election. The economic situation Obama had to face when becoming the president was a true disaster.
  14. M. Obama’s Address: Neo-Aristotelian Criticism
    Analyzing M. Obama`s speech during the 2016 National Democratic Convention will help understand her intentions and effectiveness of figurative language to deliver her viewpoints.
  15. Obama’s and Romney’s Medicare Plan
    President’s Medicare plan included the proposals to increase premiums for seniors, the need to cut the program costs, and changing the eligibility age for Medicare.
  16. President Obama’s Policies and Projects
    President Obama contributed much to improving the image of the USA abroad, and the President’s administration should focus on following the positive tendency.
  17. President Obama’s Style of Leadership
    Obama’s administrative policies have influenced the economic stability of higher education and have an indirect impact on the educational system as a whole.
  18. Mandela’s and Obama’s Heroism in Present Society
    This paper explores the subject of heroism and its place in society. It also discusses the contributions of Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama towards saving their societies.
  19. Barack Obama’s Campaign Ad Analysis
    Barack Obama tried to present himself as a candidate for the people. He wanted to show himself as a person who wanted to bring healing and unity into a divided nation.
  20. Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan Leadership Styles
    Reagan and Obama are among the most respected presidents in the history of the United States primarily due to their exceptional leadership that transformed America in various ways.

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  1. President Obama’s Fallacy in Abortion Arguments
    There is a need for more states in the United States to embrace policies that protect the lives, especially by limiting the number of abortions.
  2. The Massive Military’s Layoff of the Obama Administration
    This paper discusses the massive layoff within the military during the Obama administration using the four-frame model.
  3. Missouri Gun Laws and Obama’s Reforms
    The gun law in the state of Missouri was signed into law to regulate the use and control the session of firearms and ammunition among the civilians.
  4. Ethical Conflicts of Obama and Trump Healthcare Reforms
    The healthcare reforms advanced by President Obama in 2010 have a number of similarities with the recent reforms introduced by President Trump.
  5. Barrack Obama’s Speech on the Oil Spill Crisis
    In his speech on the oil spill crisis, Barrack Obama never promised to offer real help or a specific plan of action to the people of the Gulf.
  6. Barack Obama’s Speech on State of the Union
    There is a tradition on State of the Union night that the President of the USA gives a speech in which he outlines his main thoughts about his country and current state of affairs.
  7. Obama Speech
    In his speech, Obama starts by making reference to Martin Luther King Jr. He highlights the important role Luther played in the fight for the liberation of the Black Americans.
  8. President Obama’s United Nations General Assembly Speech
    President Obama is critiqued and praised as an exemplar of liberalism in international relations. His approach can also be viewed as an expression of Constructivist thinking.
  9. King’s Dream and Obama Presidency
    Barack Obama accepted the nomination for the presidency on a remarkable date: it was the anniversary of Martin Luther King delivering his famous speech that promoted black people’s rights.
  10. Marketing Techniques of Obama’s Election Campaign
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the marketing techniques of Obama’s election campaign as well as to define their positive and negative aspects.
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