Implementation of the Future Institute of Medicine

The Work of the Committee

The work of the committee was to produce a report with recommendations on how to improve the future of nursing. To achieve its objectives, the committee was to assess the capacity of the nursing workforce and determine whether the capacity can match the demands within the public health system and reforms in the health care sector.

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Moreover, the report of the committee was expected to highlight the necessary changes that will help in the transformation of the nursing sector and changes in institutional settings and policies that will be used to solve the issue of nursing shortage in the country (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011).

Importance of the Report

The significance of the report to the nursing workforce is based on its recommendations, which seek to improve the performance of the nursing workforce in the United States of America. The recommendations are based on four major guidelines that include proper workforce planning, policy formulation that relies on data availability and enhanced information infrastructure, adequate practice of the nurses, ensure that nurses attain higher levels of education, and enhanced partnership between the nurses and other health care workers (Institute of Medicine, 2010).

The four major issues will play an important role in expanding the nursing faculty, changing the role of nurses in the health care system, development of innovative approaches to transform nursing education, and ensure that nurses are well prepared to provide quality medical services to the patients (The Future of Nursing Leading Change, Advancing Health, 2010).

The Intent of the Campaign for Action

The aim of the future campaign is to promote the establishment of a health care system where all citizens can access quality health care. To achieve the element of quality, the nurses must have the opportunity to contribute to the full extent of their potentials. Improving the capability of the nursing workforce through education, policy changes, and increased support from all stakeholders and funders will play an important role in addressing the challenges that affect the nursing profession.

The campaign was established to ensure that the nursing profession is transformed according to the provisions of the various health reforms and the changes within the health sector. The other aim of the campaign was to improve the nursing practice through collaborations with health care groups and health professionals in the country (Institute of Medicine, 2010).

The Rationale for State-Based Coalitions

The state-based coalitions are the major components of the campaign established at the state and local levels. The coalitions create the connections between the different stakeholders and the members of the campaign in order to create a network structure aimed at ensuring health care transformation through improved nursing. Every state has to ensure the coalition is composed of nurses, other health care workers, the business community, consumers, leaders in the state, and funders of health care projects (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011).

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The coalitions will ensure that the recommendations of the IOM report are fully implemented at the state and grass root levels within the country. The coalitions in every state have the responsibility of ensuring that the health care system is transformed according to the necessary changes in order to improve the quality of the health care services. The state coalitions will also ensure that nurses are able to share information with the policy makers, health professionals, and other health workers through collaborative initiatives (Kimball & O’Neil, 2012).

California State-Based Action for Coalition

The California state-based action for coalition is the main tool that plays a foreground role in the implementation of IOM recommendations. The coalition in the state is aimed at achieving sustainable change and development of the health care system. The coalition is comprised of different work groups that are drawn from different sectors in the state.

The coalition has a vision that is aimed at creating partnerships to advance health care in the state and a mission that is aimed at improving leadership in the nursing sector for quality services (Kimball & O’Neil, 2012).

The core values of the coalition include the following:

  • Improving health results
  • Efficient and strategic use of health resources
  • Using and increasing influence
  • Involvement from a diverse perspective

The Initiatives of California State-Based Action Coalition

California state-based coalition is guided by the aforementioned values in the implementation of the IOM recommendations. The first initiative of the state is to promote diversity in participation. The state coalition has established appropriate strategies that will enable the state ensure equal treatment and representation of all nurses, health care workers, professionals, and interested citizens in the state. The initiative will ensure that the coalition is equally balanced in terms of composition in order to identify the health problems affecting all the citizens regardless of their background.

The other initiative that has been adopted by the coalition to ensure implementation of the recommendations is establishment of community-based internship programs for the graduate nurses to improve their skills and competencies. The approach will enable the nurse graduates in the state to enhance chances of getting employed. The program will also improve access to health care (The Future of Nursing Leading Change, Advancing Health, 2010).


Institute of Medicine (2010). The future of nursing: Leading change, advancing health. Web.

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